4 Things You Must Include
Within a Video Creative Brief

When producing a video, there are a lot of moving parts. There’s script development. Storyboarding. Filming. Editing. Motion graphics. Sound design.And…it takes a lot of different resources for all of this to come together.That’s why it’s important to develop a Creative Brief to use as a common thread for all of those involved on a video project.At a minimum, a Video Creative Brief must do four key things:

1. List Objectives

First of all, every Creative Brief must outline the objectives for the video project. If team members don’t have a clear understanding of the big picture, then the video will surely miss the mark.

2. Document Requirements

Next, it’s important to document the requirements for a project. By including requirements…such as the duration of the video, the number of interviews, filming days and more…everyone has an opportunity to understand the scope of the project.

3. Define Approach

The approach is the next most important element to a Creative Brief. Within the approach, make sure to describe the tone, format, visual style and music or sound effects that’ll be used.

4. Identify Schedule

And…last. It’s important to build the schedule for the project. A schedule gives everyone on the team a roadmap to the finished product.So, before you start filming your next video or developing graphics….document everything within a Creative Brief. This helps to get everyone on the same page and provides a clear direction for the video.