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The biggest questions from B2B marketers

The Anonymous Marketer is a podcast where we tackle the biggest questions from the B2B marketing community. 

But instead of bringing on guests for a quick chat, every question comes from an anonymous source. 

These are the questions B2B marketers have, but are afraid to ask.

Eliany Roman
Eliany RomanSenior Field Marketing Specialist @ Airkit
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Great podcast to start my Wednesday! I can relate a lot with what Corrina and you shared about not growing up in a successful environment, and the lack of ‘connections’. LinkedIn and Slack communities have personally helped me learn from veterans in the space, and forge my own path in marketing. Really enjoyed this conversation.
Ashley Amber Sava
Ashley Amber SavaHead of Content @ Rolebot
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Nick Bennett I LOVE THIS SHOW ALREADY. Great first episode! Awesome questions. 10/10.
Christian Dion
Christian DionMarketing Director, Programmatic Solutions @ Broadsign
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Wow! Super interesting 1st episode. Took some really good notes here. The production is just brilliant. I’m already looking forward to the next episode!
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuireContent Marketing Manager @ Formstack
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I am in LOVE with the graphic elements of this, holy guacamole. Well done. Also, love the idea of this show...really brilliant.
Andrew Mewborn
Andrew MewbornFounding Partner @ Taplio
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Top 1% of podcasts on Spotify's 2023 unwrapped I can feel it!
Moira van den Akker
Moira van den AkkerDirector, Enterprise Marketing @ Demandbase
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This is so awesome. Great job Nick Bennett on the podcast and love your perspective Corrina Owens !
Estie Rubin
Estie RubinCEO @ SoMad Partners
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That's one of the most dynamic podcast episodes I've seen, Nick 👏
Natasha Dolginsky
Natasha DolginskySr. Director of Growth Marketing @ Clari
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So well done. Bravo! And what an absolute gem your first guest was! 😍 Corrina.

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