Launch & grow a podcast for
your tech company

You’re a busy tech marketer. And you need a podcast. But do you want to sift through all of the half-baked courses out there to figure it out?

We didn’t think so. That’s why we produced over 5.5 hours of videos to show you how to launch & grow a B2B podcast. It’s what we do every single day.


You're excited to create a podcast for your company, but how?

Launch your company's podcast

Learn how to create an action plan that gets your podcast off of the ground.

Produce your company's podcast

See how you can tackle all of the aspects of production. From equipment, to recording and managing the editing process.

Manage your company's podcast

Uncover all of the tips & tricks you can use to manage the entire content machine of a B2B podcast.

Distribute your company's podcast

Don't stop after you publish on Apple podcasts. See how you can create a single episode and distribute it forever.

Want to bounce around some ideas? Have more questions?

Our goal is to help you create a great podcast for your company – not sell a bunch of courses. When you get the course, it also comes with a 1-hour consultation. This is great for:

  • Reviewing your theme statement
  • Discussing interview techniques
  • Brainstorming distribution strategies
  • Walking through post-production workflows
Whatever roadblock you or your team may have, we’ll jump on zoom and tackle it together.

Here's what you get inside the course.

  • Creating a theme for your B2B podcast (15m)
  • Establishing the objectives for your podcast (10m)
  • Identifying what you need to officially record your podcast (9m)
  • Pitching the idea of a podcast to management (10m)
  • Establishing a name for your podcast (10m)
  • Selecting your host (7m)
  • Creating a pre-recorded intro (11m)
  • Creating a pre-recorded outro (9m)
  • Understanding your timeline to launch (5m)
  • Creating a visual framework for your podcast (15m)
  • Creating a trailer for your podcast (6m)
  • Developing a guest guidelines document (6m)
  • Identifying the five types of guests (8m)
  • Using different types of formats for your show (7m)
  • Getting guests for your podcast (6m)
  • Managing your guests (10m)
  • Developing lead-ins, lead-outs and ad reads (6m)
  • Developing your podcast script (11m)
  • Purchasing the best equipment for recording (8m)
  • Selecting the best platform for remote recording (10m)
  • Managing files for your show (8m)
  • Selecting the right hosting platform for your podcast (10m)
  • Selecting the right editing tools (9m)
  • Editing your episodes (7m)
  • Identifying when to record video with your podcast (5m)
  • Selecting the best repurposing platforms (6m)
  • Selecting the best highlights from your episode (10m)
  • Creating written assets from an episode (8m)
  • Preparing files for distribution (4m)
  • Getting inspiration as your show evolves (5m)
  • Finding other podcasts for inspiration (7m)
  • Selecting the best PM platforms to manage your show (6m)
  • Creating a unique ID of each episode (5m)
  • Understanding consistency & frequency (6m)
  • Scheduling episodes (5m)
  • Selecting distribution platforms for your podcast (5m)
  • Determining where your podcast goes (8m)
  • Distributing episodes from your company vs. personal profiles (11m)
  • Selecting the best KPIs to track with your podcast (9m)

Every tech company should have a podcast. But if it’s not so obvious to you, here’s why.

Today's B2B buyer is going to check you out 15-25 times before reaching out to sales. A podcast is the most intimate way to keep in touch before they're ready to chat.
A podcast starts with audio...but then it can be repurposed into 5, 10 or even 20 different pieces of content. Whatever format your buyers are looking, audio, written, social. They get it with your podcast.
Evergreen content is great. But in tech, things change every day. You need to go on a journey with your buyers. Evolve with them. A podcast is the easiest way to share stories and be a part of your customers' world.
An ebook takes weeks to write. Case studies are a pain. Blog posts never get approved. It takes a ton of status calls just to make sure projects get done. With a podcast, record one conversation and you get everything in 3 business days.
Most written content doesn't sound like you. Your latest white paper was from a ghostwriter. The last blog post was edited so many don't know who wrote it. With a podcast - you get original, authentic material...every single time.
The C-suite is hard to wrangle. They're busy. Your dev team doesn't like to write. They'd rather code. Sales wants to sell. With a podcast, it's just a conversation. Everyone can share their expertise with your buyers.
A podcast connects everyone who matters to your ideal customers. Internal experts, industry leaders, prospects, partners - they're all a part of your show.
We all know it. You have to help first. You can't sell to a b2b buyer without them knowing, liking and trusting your brand. If your buyers listen in to each episode, you've earned their trust. And they're going to buy from you.

A little bit about Motion

Motion was started by Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown

Tristan’s early career began with consulting, working for large firms such as Oracle and IBM, During his early years, Tristan learned how much of a challenge it was to communicate the value of technology. Whether it was creating a proposal or delivering a sales presentation – marketing technology was hard. So, he decided to get an MBA in Marketing, become an entrepreneur and figure out a better way.

On the other hand, Justin’s career has focused on B2B tech companies in both sales and marketing. Justin has helped launch modern sales programs at several technology companies – both from a recruiting and infrastructure/operations standpoint.  

In 2015, Justin joined forces with Tristan at one of the fastest growing production companies in the country (Tristan co-founded the company). Their efforts built a marketing and sales program that helped catapult the company to the Inc. 5000 list for the first time. 

In 2016, Tristan sold his shares in the production company to his partner. And shortly thereafter, Tristan and Justin launched Motion. Now, the two combine firsthand experience in technology, marketing and sales to help tech companies develop the best podcast in their space