Get the most from your company's podcast.

Podcast strategy

How to find your company’s podcast niche and help your ideal customers

In 2021, creating and maintaining a website for your business is practically the second step after “write a business plan.” If you don’t have a place online for potential clients, investors, and others to find you, you might as well not exist.

So when an acclaimed marketer and podcaster like Christopher Lochhead says not having a company podcast is like not having a website, you should find a mic and hit record pronto (after reading this article, of course).

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Podcast strategy

How to distribute your company’s podcast and get the most ROI

Are you hoping listeners will organically find your company’s podcast episodes on Apple? And when they do, are you hoping they’ll immediately become raving fans of your brand?

Yep, I wish it was that easy. But there’s a lot of content out there. And people are consuming more media than ever. In fact, according to Recode, U.S. adults consume an average of 11.1 hours of media each day across mobile, desktop, radio, television, and magazines. 

So how does a scrappy marketer get the most from their company’s podcast?

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How to Structure Your Company’s Podcast Episode: Why Conflict is the Key to Acquiring and Keeping Podcast Listeners

Let’s be honest. 

B2B podcasts are boring. They’re not interesting. 

You know your podcast audience has more than 48 million episodes to choose from, so if you bore them, they’ll move on. 

Even if you’ve done everything right–picked a great content topic, booked a fantastic guest, upgraded your microphone, selected the perfect music track, acted as the engaging host–your podcast format can still bore your current listeners.

The reason an ideal listener abandons your podcast mid-episode is usually due to a lack of structure. 

Fortunately, planning and structuring a podcast isn’t as hard as it sounds.

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Remote podcasting tips

Pre-flight Checklists: The No-Fail Method for Remote Podcast Recording Sessions

Every podcast host hits a few snags at some point in their career. The guest isn’t camera-ready, but there’s a video component. They didn’t get the headphones or decent microphone you mentioned. Their internet speed is too slow.

And once these remote recording issues pile up, suddenly troubleshooting eats up your recording time.

But there’s a simple way to prevent all of that from happening. It’s called a preflight checklist, the perfect tool to help you record a remote interview podcast that your guest (and your listeners) enjoy.

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Content Marketing Insights

How to power your marketing flywheel using a branded podcast

When was the last time you saw an ad from a brand new company, clicked it, went to a landing page and bought a SaaS product with an annual contract value greater than $10,000?

I’m guessing…never.

And that’s why the traditional sales funnel or marketing funnel is dead. Especially when it comes to higher ticket SaaS products.

In fact, buyers complete 57% of their B2B purchase process before engaging a vendor. Buyers use word of mouth recommendations, third-party review sites, and peer-to-peer suggestions to drive their major decisions.

Simply put, there’s a lot of activity going on in the dark funnel…and it’s happening whether you know about it or not.

So what can your company do about it? How can you get your message across if you don’t have a prospect’s email address? How can your company demonstrate its thought leadership without dropping a prospect into an email drip sequence?

The answer: Create a marketing flywheel powered by a branded podcast.

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Content Marketing Tips

Learning With Your Audience: Why Podcasting is a Superior Marketing Channel For Attracting Loyal Customers

Jaclyn Schiff was an early convert to podcasts, and as an auditory learner, listening is her preferred way to consume information. So, it’s only natural that she’s ended up with a business that helps podcasts expand their reach.
“One of the things I noticed … the podcasters that were standing out and doing well compared to the others is that they were doing a lot of repurposing, including taking their episodes and turning them into blog content in a variety of ways,” says Jaclyn.
With years of podcast listening behind her and a career in journalism and content strategy, she started PodReacher, a company that helps podcasters do just that — turn their episodes into high-quality written content, whether it’s for company blogs or to pitch as contributed content. They also offer show notes writing.

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