Cipher allows organizations to make smarter, faster decisions with a strategic partner in competitive and market intelligence. The organization offers in-depth competitive analysis and research to high-level competitive strategy planning and ongoing trend monitoring with intelligence automation software.
  • Concept and story structure
  • Video production (live action & animation)
  • Production coordination


During the collaboration with Cipher, we worked together to develop a thought leadership content series. The objective of the material was to create a free resource library to learn about competitive intelligence tools, industry-leading competitive and market intelligence strategies, target market research tactics, and competitive intelligence best practices.


Established the overall visual framework for the video series.

Developed the overall content structure and adapted scripts from subject matter experts.

Produced a set of short video segments for distribution on the organization's online content library.

Auditioned and sourced talent to serve as the spokesperson for the series.

Coordinated production in studio environment and final set of five videos.