Fugue automates cloud operations, eases public and private sector compliance, and simplifies lifecycle management of the AWS infrastructure service stack. To ensure customers can innovate faster, Fugue validates systems before they’re built and continuously enforces them after.
  • Video production
  • Copywriting / scriptwriting


Fugue and Motion partnered to develop a :60-:90 second animated use case video. The video was designed to leverage motion graphics, screen captures, background music and voiceover. Ultimately, the collaboration set out to connect with audiences in a somewhat “new” space which was being developed within the industry. The video helped establish the challenges faced by organizations using cloud services as well as articulate the value proposition of Fugue’s new platform.


Established the overall visual framework for the animated video content.

Wrote scripts for the videos and developed storyboards.

Created a short animated video for the organization's homepage.