Identity Revolution


Identity Revolution is a podcast by data-driven experts that discusses all things marketing, analytics and identity. We take a deep dive into industry trends, strategies and the future of data technology.

Podcast trailer

Infutor used a trailer to launch the Identity Revolution podcast. The short video builds off of the show’s overall theme and is used to create more awareness for the show. 

Full-length audio episodes

The full audio episodes include: 

Show notes & featured articles

Infutor develops a dedicated page for every single podcast episode. Each page includes a set of show notes (approximately 1,200 – 1,500 words) capturing the best elements from the episode.

Featured articles (or blog posts) are also created from major themes referenced in the episodes.

Social images

Infutor uses a variety of images to promote the show on social media platforms and the organization’s website. In this case, Motion provides a variety of images (in different shapes & sizes) with every single episode.

Sliders / presentations

Have you ever seen the carousel posts on social media platforms? Or perhaps a LinkedIn post with a slider?

Well, Infutor uses quotes from the podcast episodes to build sliders for social distribution. The quotes provide snapshots of key moments in the conversation and drive prospects to learn more from the full episode.

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