Product Led Revenue


Product Led Revenue is a bi-weekly podcast for SaaS sales and revenue leaders. In each episode, you’ll hear innovative tactics and advice from professionals who are using product user insights to drive revenue growth through expansion and cross-sell.

“Since launching our podcast, our strategy has shifted from thinking strictly about leads and conversions. We’re focusing on educating the market.

Breezy Beaumont

Head of Growth


Full-length audio episodes

The full audio episodes include: 

Short promotional videos

Correlated showcases highlights from the long-form podcasts with short videos. The promo videos identify key segments in the episode and are used for distribution on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The videos are also helpful for enhancing existing content such as blog posts or product pages.

Video clips

Correlated uses social video clips to support posts on their different social media channels. Video clips help reinforce key concepts shared in written format and help individual employees build their own social presence.

Full-length video episodes

Correlated has an opportunity to include the entire conversation in a single video. The company distributes the full-length video on its website and on its YouTube channel.

Sliders / presentations

Have you ever seen the carousel posts on social media platforms? Or perhaps a LinkedIn post with a slider?

Correlated uses quotes from the podcast episodes to build sliders for social distribution. The quotes provide snapshots of key moments in the conversation and drive prospects to learn more from the full episode.

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