SessionM’s mission is to help businesses forge stronger relationships through smarter customer engagement. The SessionM platform is purpose-built to increase customer loyalty through delivering superior personalized experiences rooted in customer data. Working together, each element of the platform enhances the loyalty, profitability, and satisfaction of customers.
  • Video production
  • Copywriting / scriptwriting


SessionM’s platform provides solutions for customers in a variety of industries. However, in order to connect with prospects in these different areas, a tailored value proposition was required for each segment.

We partnered with SessionM to develop a strategy and connect with the range of industries. We elected to develop a set of characters which emulated target personas within their ecosystem. Ultimately, the  animated videos aimed to illustrate the specific benefits for each industry solution.



Established the overall visual framework for the animated video content.

Wrote scripts for the videos and developed storyboards.

Created a set of over six different animated videos tailored to specific industries.

Developed a companion video which highlighted the origination of the technology and the founders' story.