StreetShares offers a suite of specialty finance products to the small business and veteran markets including business loans, lines of credit, and account receivables financing for the government contract community. StreetShares is proudly veteran-run and located outside of Washington, D.C.
  • Video production (live action & animation)
  • Production coordination
  • Concept and story structure


During the collaboration with StreetShares, we worked together to capture a series of key interview segments from the organization’s leadership. The objectives of the series were to dissect how some of the products were structured and also highlight unique perspectives from leadership on industry trends.

Ultimately, Motion and StreetShares coordinated a series of productions to capture original footage from the company’s office and key executive interviews.



Established the overall visual framework for the video series.

Developed the overall story structure to ensure executive interviews were efficient.

Produced a set of short video segments for distribution on the company's homepage and in other social channels.