Taking the Lead

Sales Assembly

Taking The Lead is a podcast featuring conversations with the most Accomplished, Admired, and Amazing female revenue leaders throughout B2B tech. Taking the Lead is hosted by Christina Brady, a sales leader, lifelong learner, and president of Sales Assembly. This show is brought to you by Sales Assembly: The industry’s first and only Scale-as-a-Service platform that helps high-growth tech companies Scale Better, Scale Faster, and Scale Smarter.

Short promotional videos

Sales Assembly has an opportunity to showcase highlights from the long-form podcasts with short videos. The promo videos identify key points in the episode and are used for distribution on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Full-length audio episodes

The full audio episodes include: 

Sliders / presentations

Have you ever seen the carousel posts on social media platforms? Or perhaps a LinkedIn post with a slider?

Sales Assembly uses quotes from the podcast episodes to build sliders for social distribution. The quotes provide snapshots of key moments in the conversation and drive prospects to learn more from the full episode.

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