Thresher was born from a team of data scientists from Harvard, a 15-year veteran of the software and security engineering space, and a former intelligence officer who understood the need of experts conducting high stakes analysis. The philosophy of the founders has enabled the organization to become an award-winning, successful startup built on machine learning and natural language processing solutions backed by world-class and patented data science methodologies.
  • Design
  • Video production
  • Copywriting / scriptwriting


Thresher and Motion partnered to develop a series of short product overview videos. The videos aimed to attract initial customers and introduce brand new concepts to prospects. 

Ultimately, topics such as Machine Learning require a storytelling approach. In each of the videos, scenarios were designed to capture specific use cases and ensure relevancy with the target audience.



Established the overall visual framework for the animated video content.

Wrote scripts for the videos and developed storyboards.

Created a series of short animated videos for the company's two flagship products.