TouchBistro is a team with hundreds of years of experience in the restaurant industry – and they’ve used that experience to build an iPad POS system that helps restaurateurs make more money, deliver a great customer experience, and take the guess work out of making business decisions.
  • Production coordination
  • Customer story structure & concept development
  • Video production (live action & animation)


When working with TouchBistro, we partnered to capture genuine client stories and develop a variety of collateral from the production. We went through a creative process to build an approach to the customer stories, develop a visual framework and establish a strategy for how we could produce other, shorter content pieces (product demos, etc.).

Ultimately, Motion led the creative approach, production and all post-production activities in a variety of locations around the U.S.



Established the overall visual framework for the customer stories.

Developed a consistent strategy for how the stories would be structured.

Completed production on several client sites in Chicago, IL and Las Vegas, NV.

Produced a series of over five client stories from original content.

Produced a set of product promotional videos for distribution on various advertising channels.