Visual Workforce

Visual Workforce is a revolutionary SaaS solution that allows companies to make more informed business decisions to achieve corporate initiatives faster, easier, and less expensively than they have in the past. Visual Workforce automates the capture of critical skills and capabilities data of individuals, groups, departments, or entire companies to provide business analytics for data driven decisions.
  • Video production
  • Copywriting / scriptwriting


Visual Workforce has the ability to solve challenges for companies in a variety of different verticals. However, in order to connect with prospects in different industries, a tailored value proposition was required for each.

We partnered with Visual Workforce to develop a strategy to connect with the range of industries. Ultimately, we elected to produce a set of animated videos to illustrate the specific benefits for each industry solution.



Established the overall visual framework for the animated video content.

Wrote scripts for the videos and developed storyboards.

Created a set of five different animated videos tailored to specific industries.

Collaborated on the layout of landing pages and determined how to integrate video content.