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Content Logistics is a podcast for B2B marketers looking to build a content engine that drives revenue. Camille Trent interviews the marketers behind the best content marketing flywheels to uncover the tactical aspects of content production — from first draft to first customer. This podcast teaches everything from developing a sound content strategy to drafting, optimizing and distributing that content to grow your audience. Ultimately, Content Logistics helps marketers understand how to become the best content creators and distributors within their own organization.

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Creating unique content becomes challenging as the business climate and customers’ knowledge and preferences change. But, as we established a while ago, we don’t expect content creators to reinvent the wheel. Instead, an occasional walk down your blog’s ”memory lane” helps reintroduce old topics, analyze their current performance, and determine where change is necessary.
In this podcast episode, we discuss the impact of the ongoing recession on content teams, which are often the first to face budget cuts. Many companies perceive content teams as dispensable, but our guest, Anthony Kennada of AudiencePlus, argues that content is essential for marketing success. As Kennada puts it, “Without content, there is no marketing. Content is the flywheel that makes marketing happen.”
Content marketing is a strategy to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. And if you want to stand out from the competition, you can create branded content that helps illustrate your company’s point of view and evokes an emotional response from your audience. But you need to know your audience for this strategy to succeed. If you don’t understand your ICP and audience, you won’t know how to go to market and how to build a better product. So, you need to know what your audience wants from your product and content.
”Every B2B SaaS company should be a media company,” says Melissa Rosenthal, the Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp and our guest on this episode of Content Logistics. In this episode, host Camille Trent sits down with Melissa to discuss the importance of B2B SaaS companies operating as media companies. Melissa emphasizes that by creating targeted content and building long-term connections with their audience, B2B SaaS companies can drive significant business growth. She also highlights the benefits of producing evergreen content, which can save time and resources in the long term.

Meet the host

Camille Trent

Camille Trent is the Head of Content at Dooly. She’s a pretty even split of Phoebe and Monica — creative type who gets a little too competitive on the racquetball court. If you’re into fancy bullets, here are a few:
  • Copywriter and brand strategist with experience working in-house, freelance, and at an agency.
  • Specialties: website copywriting, social media content
  • Chill unless watching my Portland Trail Blazers blow another lead, then all bets are off. Dame Lillard for prez.
Bonus: She can also put together a decent ad layout if the designers are out (Adobe Creative Suite skillz)