A personal brand is the new company brand with Dave Gerhardt

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Episode Summary

We’ve entered a new B2B marketing era when people want to work with people, not with faceless companies, says Dave Gerhardt, a Chief Marketing Officer at Privy. Dave was always passionate about marketing. He is an example that hard work, constant learning, and dedication lead to success.

In this episode of the Rep Your Brand podcast, Dave Gerhardt discusses the importance of building a personal brand. Dave shares his story and reveals how creating a personal brand was not his initial goal. His passion for marketing inspired him to initially think about launching a blog. Instead, he started a podcast called Tech in Boston.

Dave also believes people should have side projects and consider them the best source of knowledge and sharpening skills. He also says building a brand is not everyone’s goal, and he respects that.

Dave also mentions the best time to transition from a consumer to a creator is now. First, you need to find your voice, share what you are doing and then build an audience. He is also writing a book; the title is Founder Brand. ”It’s all about how being the face of your brand and sharing your work is the single best thing you can do to build the brand.”

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“People want to work with people.
Even in B2B.'”

Dave Gerhardt



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What a Personal Brand Is

According to Dave, a personal brand means building a reputation, and that’s never worked better than it does today. ”The reason why I think it works so well in 2021 is that the way to build a reputation today is online. Especially the last year where we haven’t seen anybody, there are no networking events. I don’t want people to get caught up in thinking that personal brand means you have to be an a-hole because that’s not true.”

A Personal Brand Was Not a Cause; It Was a Consequence

Dave didn’t plan to build a personal brand. As he explains, his initial goal was to share content about the things he is passionate about. Building a personal brand came along with it. ”I was maybe 24 years old, working at a company called Constant Contact. I started seeing people in this industry, they worked at a company, and they had a blog.

I got into marketing, and I was like, ‘I want to start a marketing blog. I want to start a marketing newsletter.’ I didn’t do it until I started this podcast called Tech in Boston, and that was my first side project. After that, I channeled all my efforts into marketing. I didn’t set out to build a personal brand; I started sharing what I’m doing and what I’m interested in marketing. The result of that was a personal brand.”

People Should Have Side Projects

By sharing his experience, Dave encourages people to have side projects. Aside from the skills, people can learn by doing their day-to-day jobs, having side projects can help them shape their knowledge in the field they want to advance in.

”I was working at Privy, and it wasn’t even in marketing; I was an account manager. What was awesome was having Tech in Boston. I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I don’t get to do marketing in this job.’ I was like, “I’m scratching my marketing edge by having this side project.’ I had to learn how to do a website; learn how to set up a podcast, hire freelancers for audio production; learn how to sell sponsorships. I had to learn all those things, and I was able to sharpen my skills outside of my job.”

Is Dave a B2B Marketing Influencer?

Dave considers himself a B2B marketing influencer. It is a belief based on experience. ”I have multiple people that I know that have said, ‘I have gotten multiple clients, million dollars worth of pipeline for video design creative projects because you’ve shared we’re working together on this.’ I’ve built up a little bit of an audience over the last couple of years, and I think there’s some slice of people who listen to things that I say and might go do them.”

When Is the Right Time to Transition from a Consumer to a Creator?

Dave says the best time to start sharing is now. Building a personal brand takes years; growing your audience requires dedication. ”I’m not old in this game; I’m 33. I’ve been on social media for five or six years, but I’ve found my groove in the last year or two. You need one, two, three, four, five years of just putting stuff out. The only reason I have takes now is because I’ve just put so much stuff out in the world.”