Adding value with artificial intelligence featuring Kate Bradley Chernis

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Nick Bennett chats with Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-founder and CEO at Lately, the only social media management platform that creates content FOR you with the power of artificial intelligence.

Kate talks about the good and bad sides of robots and explains why humans are still very important in content creation regardless of AI’s capabilities. She points out that being authentic and focused on one goal is key to success and teaches us how to properly utilize social media while looking for leads.

Kate states that company culture is very important, and every team member must fit in it. She also thinks that running and growing a business can burn people out and strongly recommends employing someone to help.

Guest Profile

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Key Insights

“I hired you because the worst mistake you can make, I know is still going to be awesome.”

Kate Bradley Chernis

Co-Founder & CEO 


Episode Highlights

The Good and Bad Sides of AI Content Writing

“I think the negatives are right there. If you’re going to not put your human effort in and let the robot work, you’re going to get robotic answers. People can feel that, and I can see it all the time. We all have been on a call where the customer service rep is reading, literally reading the guide for you, reading the script. You know what that’s like. We can feel it. One negative is that cold feeling, and then the positives are obviously doing the work that nobody wants to do.”

Company Culture is Everything

“Understand what kind of company you are, and what kind of culture you’ve created, because that plays into it heavy duty. We’re the more, the merrier. It’s not just me on the cover of a magazine; it’s Chris and Lauren and Ankit and Kristen. And when you know that, you can grow exponentially for all the reasons I know you’re already thinking. The brand is made strong by humans. That’s us. If you don’t like where you’re working, then that’s another problem. But hopefully, you love where you’re working.”

Growing Business Without Paid Advertising

“We haven’t met a customer for over a year who hasn’t said to us, ‘I heard about you somewhere.’ ‘Cause, we’re making all this noise with no paid ads. Just with our own humanness. That trust is the reason we get that 90% conversion. It’s because we have a community, and it’s very visible, and people want to be a part of the community.”

Handling Social Media

“On LinkedIn, I almost never scroll. I don’t have time. I’m there. I got so many alerts of stuff that I have to respond to. And that’s my job as the CEO. There are some things that I personally can do because it’s all about driving those demo requests. That’s all I’m thinking about. I’m looking about where we need and what we need to comment on as a team to lift it up. […] I hate when people just tag me ’cause they want me in a long list of other names. It’s so plastic and annoying. It’s needy. I’m totally happy if you sent me a link to something and said, ‘Hey, Kate, would you comment on this and help me lift it up?’ Yes, I will do that.”

Writing Your First Post

Every entrepreneur has to start somewhere, and social media is the right place. Creating your first post doesn’t have to be hard. “If you’re going crazy, you need to sit down and think about what you can do every day. That is not going to exhaust you for a while. For example, I used to do a video. I was trying to make the 60-second video every day, ‘A day in the life of an entrepreneur.’

It was pretty easy. ‘Hey, welcome to another day in the life of an entrepreneur.’, and then I would do one thing. Sometimes the one thing was like, ‘I just had the worst meeting ever. This guy totally embarrassed me.’ Or, ‘I just went to my parents and had a fight with my mom,’ or, ‘Here’s this amazing thing I learned today.’ It was a great exercise for me to put myself in other people’s shoes to get a beat on the audience. And then also to learn that I could publish it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, everywhere.”