Analyzing 2022’s highest-performing content pieces on The Juice featuring Elizabeth Irvine

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Welcome to the pilot episode of The Juice – Slice and Dice. The Juice is a content curation platform for B2B marketing and sales professionals and a distribution channel for brands who want to reach them. Our first guest, or co-pilot, is Elizabeth Irvine, the VP of Marketing at MarketMuse.

As content trends constantly change, keeping up with them is challenging. But sometimes, it’s important to recognize that all types of content can work for your company. And, as evident by this year’s highest-performing assets on The Juice, long-form written content still hits the mark. 

According to data from The Juice, four out of five top-performing pieces in 2022 were long-form articles. In addition, one of those pieces is ‘225+ Content Strategy Resources to Help You Up Your Content Game’ from the MarketMuse team. 

Since Elizabeth is running marketing at MarketMuse, we asked her to share why they decided to create their in-depth resource, the steps they took, and the opportunities that resulted. Elizabeth and our host Brett McGrath also analyze other top-performing pieces from The Juice and explain why they performed so well.

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The Creation of ‘225+ Content Strategy Resources to Help You Up Your Content Game’

‘225+ Content Strategy Resources to Help You Up Your Content Game’ is on our top-performing articles list. It comes from MarketMuse’s content kitchen, so we asked Elizabeth to share how they came up with the idea of creating it. 

”We would host ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions in our Slot community after a webinar with the speaker to continue the conversation and expand the audience for that conversation. 

And one of the questions we would always ask is, ‘What are you reading? What books do you always recommend?’ And the material that we got from that was wonderful. We realized that we had so much that we could share.”

Most, If Not All, Marketers Struggle With FOMO, That’s Why We See Such Engagement in These Content Pieces

Four out of five top-performing pieces are long-form articles. 

Given that content trends change constantly, we wondered why these pieces got so much engagement. Elizabeth’s answer is somewhat unexpected but so accurate: FOMO.


”FOMO, but not in terms of shiny objects necessarily, but like, ‘What am I missing in my strategy?’ Marketers know they don’t know everything, especially if you’re managing a lot of functions. 


The Juice is great because you’re able to keep up, and something like [the] ‘Buying Triggers’ [article] would attract marketers because they’re probably not speaking in those words regularly. Like, ‘Wait, buying triggers? What are my buying triggers?’ And I loved how that content outlined some examples to get marketers thinking.”

Having a Well-Received Piece Allows Us to Expand Conversations With a More Specific Audience 

Companies that find content creation vital for their business strategy know that one successful piece is a source of new opportunities. 


”An opportunity here is to slice and dice this up into persona-specific or industry-specific. This one is general: 225 content strategy resources. But what would we create for someone just starting a content strategy role at a new company? What are the ten things they need to help them kick off their 90-day plan without a hitch? That kind of thing. So, how could we create other segments of this in a more targeted way?”

Don’t Chase Quantity; Aim for Purposeful Content

Finally, Elizabeth and Brett agree that businesses, especially in their early stages, try to create as many pieces as possible to get in front of their target audience’s eyes quickly. However, growth results from your articles’ value, not from how many there are. 


”You want to make sure that every piece has a purpose. What are we trying to accomplish with this piece? What do we expect it to do for our customers? And if you strategize like that around each piece, it’s going to be more focused. It’s going to be higher quality, and you’ll see more engagement from it.”