Build a personal brand in an empty niche with Peep Laja

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Episode Summary

Building an online presence is important if you want your business to last. A personal brand provides a face to an otherwise faceless company. However, there are lessons you should learn before creating a personal online presence.

In this episode of Rep Your Brand podcast, Peep Laja (CEO of Wynter and Founder of CXL) reveals how and why you should take advantage of social media to build your own personal brand. Peep uncovers how adopting a habit of posting leads to success. And he also encourages young professionals to believe in themselves and to not be afraid to make mistakes. In fact, according to Peep, changing your mind is a sign of strength.

Peep and host Nick Bennett also discuss why companies should encourage their employees to work on their personal brand. Peep pinpoints how people don’t relate to faceless businesses; they relate to other people.

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Key Insights

“Share what you’ve learned to your peers. There’s always somebody who will find it engaging.”

Peep Laja



Episode Highlights

Getting Into the Habit of Posting

”You can always overthink and be like, ‘I don’t know what to say. It doesn’t matter.’ Of course, you will not get a lot of success unless you niche down, and unless you’re great, or your content is great, those are prerequisites. But getting into the habit of consistent posting is even more important.

Consistent posting is very important for me. I’ve maintained a list of ideas and content to post. I try to post first thing in the morning when I go to work. I try to get it over with, and I also try to post on the weekends. If you post a lot, writing the post gets easier and faster all the time.”

Most Days I’m Authentic to Myself, Posting About Stuff I’m Interested In

”I don’t care about what the audience wants to hear about. I care a little bit. But most days, I’m authentic to myself, but posting about stuff that I’m interested in. And that is usually tied to what I’m working on. And then, if I’m interested in it, I can bring passion to it; it will resonate with some people. And hopefully, it’s something that other people are also interested in.

I don’t believe in pandering. You can get great success by pandering to the masses as well. You can see it on LinkedIn. People are posting daily these empty motivational quotes and stories of, ‘Oh, I saw this guy, and this taught me a lesson about sales.’ I guess any content can work, but I believe in — bring your whole self to Twitter.”

You Need to Feed Your Brain With New Ideas Constantly

”I’m not hammering the same idea over and over; that would be tiring. You will get burned out. I’m always trying to push my craft and keep learning, and then I’m tweeting and posting.

You need to feed your brain with new ideas constantly. Some people are better than others when it comes to generating original ideas. I’m a very good original thinker. I’m a synthesizer. I bring my life experience to something I heard in a podcast conversation the other day. The older you get, the more pieces you have to connect.”

Don’t Try too Hard When You’re Young to Have a Point of View

Those things emerge over time. If I look back at myself from ten years ago, some of the things that I felt strongly about were not very accurate, or they were limited. There’s a lot more nuance that you pick up along the way and also what matters and what doesn’t matter.”