Episode 204: B2B Content Marketing and Authentic Testimonials with Tyler Gillespie

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified Podcast, we talk with Tyler Gillespie, Thinking Time Chief of Proofreading Pros and Applause Lab. Proofreading Pros is a human-powered editing service in Google Docs and Applause Lab is a done-for-you video testimonial service for B2B SaaS companies. Tyler Gillespie shares how both Proofreading Pros and Applause Lab came about, the benefits they offer to the content marketing space, the power of video testimonials and getting a second pair of eyes on your content, as well some of the contemporary trends in content marketing.

Episode Highlights

  • Tyler Gillespie shares his background and what he has been up to now.
  • What is the smartest decision Tyler has ever made as a professional?
  • Tyler explains the Profit First System.
  • What does the Thinking Time Chief job title mean?
  • How did Tyler get involved with Proofreading Pros?
  • What was Tyler’s experience like with Google Add-ons marketplace?
  • Tyler Gillespie talks about buying and selling businesses and lessons he learned.
  • How does Proofreading Pros work and what are its benefits?
  • How did Tyler layout the service and product side and pricing of Proofreading Pros?
  • What is Applause Lab and what does it provide?What is the process of creating video testimonials for clients?
  • How does the Done-For-You model work?
  • What has been the biggest surprise for getting Applause Lab off the ground?
  • What are some of the current content marketing trends?
  • What are the most important pieces of content a B2B business should have?
  • Is there a tool that Tyler has implemented that now he can’t live without?
  • What is his favorite resource that he relies on?

Key Points

  • Develop a system around solving problems because businesses never run out of problems.
  • Tyler was able to work out a business acquisition deal with a small portion of capital upfront with owner financing on the backend.
  • Google’s algorithms are pushing content to be of a higher quality by measuring how long people are on the website and whether it actually engages people.



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