Episode 205: Driving Content with Intent featuring Tukan Das from LeadSift

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified Podcast, we talk with Tukan Das, Co-Founder and CEO of LeadSift, a provider of sales intelligence that combines comprehensive data with actionable insights to sift through public data to identify buying intent of customers for companies. Tukan Das discusses how LeadSift was started, the value proposition that LeadSift offers in terms of providing data leads, the sources of buying intent in B2B settings, and their content series Driving Content with Intent.

Episode Highlights

  • Tukan Das shares his background and what he is up to at LeadSift.
  • What is the smartest decision Tukan Das has ever made as a professional?
  • How did Tukan get started with LeadShift and start the company with his other co-founders?
  • What does buying intent mean to Tukan Das?
  • Tukan talks about where LeadSift’s data comes from and ways they signal intent.
  • What are the three main types of buying intent data?
  • How does LeadSift provide intent signals at the level of the individual?
  • Once companies or sales teams have this data, what are some things they can do with it?
  • Tukan Das talks about their content series called Driving Content with Intent.
  • How did they come up with this content series?
  • Case studies, short videos, and publishing an eBook are types of content that have worked well for LeadSift.
  • What is his favorite resource that he relies on?
  • Is there a tool that Tukan has implemented that now he can’t live without?
  • What is his favorite resource that he relies on?

Key Points

  • LeadSift’s mission is to mine publicly unstructured data to identify buying intent, especially those in a B2B context.
  • The three sources of intent in a B2B setting are first-party intent, the data from activities on your own online properties, second-party intent, data from someone else’s’ first-party intent, and third-party intent, is data from everywhere else.
  • The LeadSift content series called Driving Content with Intent takes someone’s competitive landscape and zooms into what kind of content they are consuming, topics they are engaging with, and what events they are attending.



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