Episode 206: The Importance of Trust in Selling a New Security Technology with Glen Gulyas

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified Podcast, we talk with Glen Gulyas, the CEO and Co-Founder of Onclave Networks.  A veteran in the tech business, Glen has been in IT work since 1988, working for one of Microsoft’s first partners. He’s spent some time in consulting, other software companies, and ultimately starting Onclave Networks.  He shares with us the importance of security, building relationships with the C-suite and the greatest challenges for security solutions in the future.

Episode Highlights

  • Glen’s background and current role at Onclave.
  • Changes within the industry, specifically in IoT and security.
  • The smartest decision Glen has made as a professional.
  • The story and background of Onclave Networks.
  • Defining S.C.I.F (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) and its inter functionality with IT.
  • Differences between IT and IoT.
  • The “ideal” customer profile for Onclave: a horizontal approach.
  • How to develop your initial story to address a problem.
  • The “buying committee” for a solution such as Onclave.
  • The stats to help imagine the need for unique security solutions.
  • Who is responsible for approaching these security issues?
  • The importance of trust in building security solutions.
  • Building the brand of Onclave.
  • Key pieces of collateral to convey the message of Onclave.
  • Sharing the growth of Onclave and what this technology brings to the market.
  • The importance of working with OEM’s on security solutions.
  • Glen’s biggest surprise in starting a company like Onclave.
  • Advice for tech marketers looking to communicate their own solutions.

Key Points

  • Understanding that operational technologies can be managed and configured in “closed” systems.
  • It’s critical to have the CIO, CSO, and the physical security people “in the room” when approaching security issues/solutions.
  • Never assume that you have security “covered” and constantly be aware of the continued work needed to keep information safe.



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