Episode 207: Establishing Thought Leadership for BigB to BigB Technology Marketing Featuring Richard Donaldson

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified Podcast, we talk with Richard Donaldson, Founding Member and Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Requis, a company that allows enterprises to buy, manage, and sell assets. Richard Donaldson talks about the inception of Requis, describes changes in supply chain processes and technology, how supply chain impacts business, and how he has established the brand in the industry.

Episode Highlights

  • Richard Donaldson shares his background and what he is up to at Requis
  • What does Richard think has been his smartest decision as a professional? 
  • It is important to be clear about what the problem is before seeking a solution.  
  • What is the ideal customer profile for Requis? 
  • Enterprises are always about mitigating risk and this is a reason supply chain innovation has lagged behind.  
  • How does Requis fit in the tech stack for large, Global 2,000 firms
  • How does he go about positioning Requis? 
  • What has Richard seen change with the B2B journey or the enterprise buying process?  
  • How did he go about establishing the brand?  
  • How did he decide what formats to use for content?  
  • What have been some of the biggest types of content that have resonated the most?

Key Points

  • Every supply chain professional is a consumer in their personal lives, used to the consumer efficiencies of companies like eBay and Amazon. 
  • Requis is a cloud-based solution platform hosted at the Amazon web services. 
  • The three companies Requis envisions on their platform are a set of enterprises that are the suppliers, the enterprise, and value buyers.



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