Episode 208: Creating a Solid Marketing Foundation Featuring Lisa Bonanno of Knowland

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified Podcast, we talk with Lisa Bonanno, Vice President of Marketing at Knowland, a provider of best-in-class sales solutions to expand the group sales process with the largest sources of meetings market intelligence data. Lisa Bonanno talks about the marketing infrastructure she helped to implement when she arrived at Knowland, how group sales typically works in the hospitality industry, the customer success side and the product side, along with data attributes that Knowland is tracking.

Episode Highlights

  • Lisa Bonanno shares her work history and how she got involved with Knowland. 
  • Who is Knowland’s ideal customer and how do they help them? 
  • Is there often a buying committee to appeal to when Knowland is selling its services? 
  • How did Lisa build out the marketing infrastructure when she arrived at Knowland?
  • What were some of the priority projects Lisa Bonanno tackled when she started at Knowland?
  • Lisa talks about the customer success side and the product side. 
  • Which tools does she use for communication? 
  • Lisa talks about the trade show and event programs for Knowland. 
  • How did she prioritize content pieces soon after she arrived? 
  • What audience are they attracting with their webcast? 
  • How sophisticated are the data attributes that they are tracking with their marketing initiatives? 
  • What resources does she use to keep up with martech?

Key Points

  • Knowland provides clients alternative ways to sell groups. They use data to contact planners directly and sourcing business directly to increase profitability without paying third-party commissions. 
  • For content around live events, Knowland uses a pre-event, during, and post-event process to curate content for product launches.
  • Approaches to content creation when Knowland is not launching a new product can include: what’s happening in the industry, within the market itself, something compelling that is trending, or something outside of the industry that can be tied back to the industry or ideal customer profile.



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