Episode 217: YouTube Content Creation for a Niche Audience with Mickey Hernandez of LaceUp Solutions

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Mickey Hernandez, Chief Marketing Director at LaceUp Solutions. LaceUp Solutions is the industry’s leading DSD software for distributors. Mickey Hernandez opens up about going from running his own fully-funded business to transitioning to CMO at LaceUp Solutions, working for his uncle. Mickey explains in-depth how YouTube has benefitted his business, how he has been able to create and publish hundreds of informative videos, and reaching a niche audience.

Episode Highlights

  • Mickey Hernandez shares some of his career experiences and his current work. 
  • What was Mickey’s first day at LaceUp like? 
  • Who is LaceUp’s ideal customer and how do they service them? 
  • What is the landscape like in the marketplace as far as other solutions? 
  • LaceUp started out as Mickey’s uncle’s side hustle. 
  • What are some of the things that Mickey Hernandez did early on to make the brand stand out? 
  • How did he start to develop the brand and the messaging?  
  • How did he come across YouTube as a way to reach customers?  
  • What was the game plan for creating YouTube content and how did people find those videos?   
  • What were his most successful videos?  
  • What is his video setup like now and was any of the video work outsourced?  
  • How has he branched out to other video topics? 
  • On YouTube, you need very specific content for very specific customers.    
  • What is the importance of consistency with workflow? 
  • What are some of the resources that Mickey uses to stay on top of his work?   
  • People will eventually be totally off of old platforms like traditional TV and will solely use online platforms. 
  • What resources does he rely on? 

Key Points

  1. LaceUp Solutions’ ideal customer is a food and beverage distributor and their software controls the inventory and invoicing for clients, as well as automating the data entry process.   
  2. Early on, Mickey Hernandez cold-called competitors pretending to be a customer to get them to show him their system. 
  3. In creating content, Mickey answered the question, ‘What does our application do,” listed all the features, and did demo videos for each one.



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