Episode 220: Tech Companies as Thought Leaders with Carol Lin Vieira and Anne Szustek Talbot of BX3

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Carol Lin Vieira, the VP of Corporate Marketing and Communications at BX3 and Anne Szustek Talbot, the VP of Content at BX3. Carol and Anne discuss how they both came to BX3, identify how the organization works with tech companies, pinpoint how companies can become thought leaders and outline the importance of repurposing content to build brand awareness.

Episode Highlights

  • Carol Lin Vieira and Anne Szustek Talbot walk us through their work history and how they landed at BX3.        
  • Carol and Anne discuss BX3’s ideal customer and how the organization helps them. 
  • What are some of the technical verticals BX3 focuses on?
  • What is thought leadership in the context of a tech company?    
  • Companies are emerging as thought leaders…it’s more than just at a personal level these days.
  • One of the best practices within journalism right now is telling stories.  
  • What kind of content helps establish a company as a thought leader company? 
  • Among many activities on the content side, BX3 interviews clients, records the interviews, and analyzes them to fuel the foundation for thought leadership material.
  • What guidance do you have for companies looking to create thought leadership content?    
  • Marketers struggle to create a lot of content and miss opportunities to repurposing content.  
  • How does BX3 (and their clients) ensure that content gets consumed in many ways and from many different places (repurposed)?   
  • How can you justify long-term content plays versus short-term lead generation activities?  
  • How should someone measure the success of thought leadership pieces? 
  • What resources are valuable for keeping up with B2B tech marketing?

Key Points

  1. BX3 has a capital arm, a legal arm, and a consulting arm…and each of those is spearheaded by experts in their field.    
  2. Customers are expecting brands to provide a wealth of useful information – beyond just their technology or service.  
  3. By generating content that highlights trends and is forward-thinking, you can demonstrate the relevance of your company.



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