Episode 230: Marketing to Construction Teams in the Field with Ray Mina from Fieldwire

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with Ray Mina, Head of Marketing at Fieldwire. Ray Mina talks about how he got involved with Fieldwire, the market they are serving that isn’t accustomed to being marketed to, the importance of implementing the fundamentals of marketing, content pieces that they implement, and the development of ideas.

Episode Highlights

  • Ray Mina talks about his work history.     
  • Ray Mina explains who Fieldwire is, and who their core audience is. 
  • How did the leadership go from video games to construction technology? 
  • What does the internal marketing structure at Fieldwire look like? 
  • What are some of the marketing content pieces that they are sharing with their core audience members?
  • How are they building trust with consumers that aren’t typically being sold to?                                          
  • What is it like being a marketer in a saturated market versus being in an unsaturated market? 
  • How is his team developing ideas? 
  • What are some new things that Fieldwire is working on?                                        
  • Ray Mina talks about being an early user of Slack. 
  • What is his favorite resource that he relies on to keep up to speed on marketing? 

Key Points

  1. Fieldwire’s core customer is construction teams who actually work in the field and need an app that works as easily as Spotify.   
  2. Instead of ABC, it should be ABH, ‘always be helping.’  
  3. Your playbook may not work forever so you have to have the discipline to do the fundamentals of marketing.



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