Episode 233: Social Distancing Edition – The Importance of Empathy and Giving as a Marketer with D.J. Haskins from SilverCloud

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, we talk with D.J. Haskins, the VP of Marketing at SilverCloud. D.J. talks about the dramatic changes happening in the banking industry right now and pinpoints the importance of using empathy when engaging with prospects & customers.

Episode Highlights

  • D.J. Haskins shares his background and discusses his role at SilverCloud. 
  • D.J. Haskins talks about his background as an agency owner and what made him want to switch over to the other side.
  • What does SilverCloud do for their customers and how is their solution important in today’s environment?
  • What types of shifts do we see in the banking industry – especially with digital and mobile access?
  • With social distancing and the “new” work environment, how does SilverCloud communicate with customers and discuss their offering?
  • Why is empathy so important when it comes to communication with prospects and customers?
  • From an outbound point of view, we need to be very empathetic. But, from an inbound standpoint, we need to almost double down when someone needs our solution.
  • Why is it important, now more than ever, to “give” first in the marketing lifecycle?
  • How does a webinar fit into a marketing strategy in this type of sales environment?
  • SilverCloud’s prospects and customers are still going about their business and banking customers are demanding quite a bit of information right now.
  • SilverCloud has a small marketing team and D.J. serves very much as a “player coach” in their environment.
  • We’ve gotten really efficient in terms of content design – enabling us to get out content quickly.
  • What are some of D.J.’s favorite resources?    

Key Points

  1. We’re very targeted and webinars are one of our best lead sources.
  2. We just had our biggest webinar of the year [despite the social distancing many individuals are operating within].
  3. A lot of our target audience is still going about their business.
  4. We’ve committed to content design and creating templates, this allows us to generate high quality content quickly.



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