Episode 254: Content and Product Marketing with Matouš Roskovec of Avocode

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with Matouš Roskovec, the Creative Lead at Avocode. The interview focuses on the past experiences of Matouš as a copywriter and how he’s transitioned to leading a team responsible for campaigns and content on a variety of different platforms. Learn how the organization builds their conversion strategy after attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to their content.

Episode Highlights

  • Matouš provides some insight into his past work experience which includes copywriting with a couple of advertising agencies before arriving at Avocode.
  • He talked about his working experience as a freelance copywriter for several years before joining Avocode.
  • Matouš discusses the ideal customer profile of Avocode…which aims to bridge the gap between designers and developers.
  • The company provides a design collaboration platform for agencies, startups, enterprises and pretty much any entity that needs to code websites or apps.
  • Matouš talked about how the web has evolved in the past four years and how Avocode originally started as a development agency.
  • Avocode’s founders dealt with the problem of combining design and development, developed several plugins and ultimately landed on developing a single tool which could open a variety of design file formats.
  • He explained their typical customer’s working process which includes the whole workflow of the design process and working through feedback until the design is finalized.
  • Matouš discusses how the Avocode marketing team is constructed – a combination of three teams in Growth, Creative and Customer Success.
  • Avocode’s growth team constantly evaluates the company’s pricing packages and feature set to align with customer expectations and requirements.
  • Avocode uses over 30 paid tools for marketing (Notion, Intercom, etc) and the combination of a variety of SaaS tools allows their small team to be highly efficient.
  • While talking about content, Matouš also talks about The Grit which is a blog series of branded content by Avocode.
  • The Grit is a set of written interviews with thought leaders in the design and development space (check out Product Design Tips from the Twitter Hashtag Inventor, Chris Messina)
  • He explained a content strategy which involves the 20% / 80% rule. The team spends 20% of their time creating new content and 80% of their time optimizing and distributing existing content.
  • Matouš emphasizes the importance of having marketing inspiration outside the industry you work in (he described StudioBinder as a key inspiration for him).

Key Points

  1. Matouš says “building a beautiful website is no longer enough. You know,  it has to be functional, it has to be used over and over again. So it has to bring in your customers, more times to show them value. And the only way you can do this is actually to ask for feedback.”
  2. Matouš also mentioned that “Avocode is about to release a prototyping feature, and that would be built in very soon, to add in functionality in the whole process.”
  3. Avocode has over 100,000 unique visitors every month coming to their website.



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