Episode 255: TechTalk Tuesday Edition – Content Marketing Strategies for Beautiful Landing Pages with Jennifer Pepper of Unbounce

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino chats with Jennifer Pepper, the Head of Content Marketing at Unbounce. This podcast interview takes a look into Jennifer’s past experiences with B2B tech companies, highlights some of the key strategies Unbounce uses for evergreen content and pinpoints some exciting new functionality rolling out with the Unbounce platform.

Episode Highlights

  • Jennifer discusses her background before arriving at Unbounce.
  • Jennifer mentions her work with Vidyard, where she worked with great mentors and learned about full funnel video marketing campaigns.
  • Jennifer talks about how she built the content engine at Unbounce and mentions how the company has nearly tripled in size since her arrival.
  • Jennifer mentions what users get out of the Unbounce platform – designed to help customers building high converting landing pages.
  • Jennifer’s job with content primarily focuses on creating material that’s helpful and interesting to marketers.
  • Jennifer discusses the structure of Unbounce’s marketing team and covers how her role as Head of Content Marketing fits into the equation.
  • At Unbounce, the team uses a Miro board to track content ideas and brainstorm about content marketing projects.
  • Jennifer talked about three key components to the company’s content marketing efforts – focused on 1) “content bingo” or mapping content to the customer journey, 2) Organic opportunities to drive traffic and 3) Upcoming products and feature launches.
  • During the interview, Jennifer described the importance of determining the intent around keywords.
  • The company outlines major content initiatives quarter by quarter and develops a series of content briefs to plan for the content and distribution aspects of the piece.
  • Because blog posts weren’t having a long life, the company established a campaign strategy and promotions part of the marketing team – this helped extend the life of content.
  • The content marketing team strives to work alongside the product team to develop content around new features.
  • Jennifer walks through some of the trends with landing pages over the years and how Unbounce has adapted to customers’ needs.
  • Jennifer dives into the machine learning and artificial intelligence features that will be rolling out within Unbounce.
  • During the conversation, Jennifer talks about the importance of personalization and how Unbounce technology can help drive conversions with some of the new features on its roadmap.

Key Points

  1. According to Jennifer, “Unbounce is a landing page platform that marketers use to build and test high converting landing pages fast without having to rely on developers or anyone else.”
  2. Jennifer stated “I would start by saying that Unbounce is a 10 year old company. We have a literal ocean of content available over that length of existence. So personally, I have found that our content strategy needs to encompass serving up everything evergreen versus making more things on like a set publishing cadence. “
  3. According to Jennifer, “…So a big part of our strategy is a library approach to content versus the publisher’s approach.”



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