Episode 270: Enterprise Customer Intelligence with Rebecca White of Databook

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino chats with Rebecca White, Vice President of Marketing at Databook. During the podcast episode, Rebecca talks about her past working experience in B2B organizations. Her experience stems from mostly field sales organizations where she’s driven pipeline from a marketing perspective. Rebecca also discusses her current role at Databook which is a startup that differentiates itself as an Enterprise Customer Intelligence platform.

Episode Highlights

  • Rebecca graduated with a degree in English and feels this helps her understand how to analyze information and share information which resonates with people.
  • Rebecca starts the podcast by sharing information about her past experience working with B2B organizations and building marketing functions. 
  • She talks about how she got into marketing after taking jobs at an entry-level after school.
  • She spent about ten years in marketing, consulting, running a marketing strategy company. 
  • Rebecca introduces Databook as a platform that reduces the time that Account Execs spend on research and then provides them with a financial case for change so that they can close more deals faster, which drives pipeline acceleration across the board. 
  • She discusses how it’s important for marketers to have industry expertise, because it’s easier to learn a product than it is to learn about an entire market.
  • She discusses the marketing function of startups which change every three to six months.
  • Rebecca states that it’s good to be a generalist because tools change, flows change – find out what works and what doesn’t work.
  • When discussing the platform, Rebecca mentions that apart from the regulatory, compliance-related part, one needs to have the right data to send the right messages to people. 
  • Tech stack and data is a storyboarding process because you need different inputs and outputs –  the entire process is like putting a puzzle together. 
  • Setting up a foundation, making sure everything is correct, making sure that, everything is in compliance, building out the messages, building out all the materials are things that are required to accelerate the business.
  • Creating an inbound engine is a lot more expensive than creating an outbound engine, but it bears much more fruit in the long term.
  • One of Rebecca’s early initiatives was at least installing a “billboard” for the Databook brand and this involved a simple website, with clear messaging in place. 
  • According to Rebecca, Digital marketing has created an incredible amount of noise – fruit that’s a little bit too ripe. 
  • Rebecca discusses the importance of creating a valuable network and how this is as important as following/reading publications or other online resources.

Key Points

  • While talking about the benefits of an English degree and moving to marketing, she said “you can do anything because it’s just about learning how to sort of analyze information and disseminate the information so that it resonates with people.”
  • According to Rebecca, inbound takes longer and is more expensive, but has larger benefits long term. She stated “I’m always focusing at least 50% of my time on trying to move us forward on inbound, which includes the branding and the corporate comm and the awareness activities…because that drives people to your website.”



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