Episode 272: From Entreprenuer to B2B Marketer with Nick Waterhouse of Evaluator Group

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown chats with Nick Waterhouse, Senior Marketing Manager at Evaluator Group. This interview takes a deep dive into his past work experience as an entrepreneur – when he built and sold a company that made headphones. After exiting his headphone company, Nick took on a role as Senior Marketing Manager at Evaluator Group. Evaluator Group is an IT analyst consulting firm based in Boulder, Colorado.

Episode Highlights

  • Nick starts the interview by providing some insight into his entrepreneurial efforts when he started and then ultimately sold a headphone company that specialized in ergonomic, memory foam earbuds. 
  • When starting the headphone company in China, Nick was introduced into a wide range of digital marketing disciplines and realized how much he enjoys spending his time there.
  • After a period of success, Nick describes how he sold his headphone company and decided to dive into the marketing field head-on by working for an IT analyst firm.
  • Nick explains the fundamental similarities and differences between B2B and B2C companies.
  • Nick describes how a consumer can easily see a set of headphones and understand its cost structure, whereas the same is not the case with working for a consulting firm.
  • Nick takes some time to provide a description of Evaluator Group’s ideal customer profile, which really includes two major types of customers – vendors and end-users.
  • For vendors, the company mostly relies upon relationships with major players such as IBM, VMWare, etc. 
  • From an end-user perspective, Evaluator Group’s ideal customer is anybody who’s looking for a new solution in the data storage industry, or a person who’s having a problem with the way they’re currently managing their data.
  • Nick discusses the challenges with marketing the company’s services because, in this day and age, there are so many types of roles who manage a company’s data – IT Specialists, Cloud Specialist and a range of other titles.
  • Webinars are one of the successful approaches to attract potential customers – and the company really tries to keep them unscripted and “personal.”
  • Product reviews of data storage products attracts prospects and also serves as a great tool for marketing.
  • The company is completely unbiased and does not have any pay-to-play relationships with vendors. All information available on their website is researched by analysts.
  • Nick’s team sits down and schedules video interviews with either past clients, current clients, or potential future clients which have helped them in relationship building.
  • Promoting webinars natively on BrightTalk and pushing videos out on social media ensures the company gets the most out of these webinar and video assets.
  • Video interviews are posted on various social media platforms and in emails which further adds a lot in relationship building.
  • The company is focusing on SEO and it’s working efficiently for them so far. In-depth, free information on the site is what’s attracting the right prospects.

Key Points

  • Nick pinpoints the basic similarity between B2B and B2C companies and said “in terms of digital marketing, you’re really just selling a product. So…I was selling headphones before, now I’m basically selling a service. But it’s still, somebody’s knowledge, solving a problem for somebody.”
  • On Evaluator’s website, a prospect can find every single product in this space, access a detailed writeup and view a product brief – all of which are free and beneficial for people who are actually looking to make a purchasing decision.
  • Each analyst at the organization has a different technology they cover and they are some of the foremost experts in their respective fields.



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