Episode 273: Building a B2B Tech Brand in Commercial Real Estate featuring Courtney Porcella of coUrbanize

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with Courtney Porcella, Marketing Director at coUrbanize. The interview takes a look at her past experiences with marketing and PR agencies for B2B Technology companies. Courtney then takes a deeper dive into her current role leading a marketing team at coUrbanize, a technology company that connects new real estate projects with the surrounding community.

Episode Highlights

  • Courtney talks about her background where she studied marketing and worked in marketing for ten years with various B2B tech companies.
  • Before transitioning to an in-house role at a technology company, Courtney talks about her four years working for marketing and PR agencies.
  • Courtney breaks down some of the pros and cons between agency life and being an in-house marketer.
  • Courtney discusses how she’s had a relatively linear career path, by serving the commercial real estate industry, and eventually ending up at coUrbanize.
  • coUrbanize is the real estate startup where she is leading a marketing team-including lead generation, branding, and communications.
  • coUrbanize is a tech company that focuses on connecting real estate companies with people – these are often cases where large real estate projects are a part of an area and getting community buy-in is critical to the overall success of a project.
  • coUrbanize serves large real estate companies that are owning, maintaining, and developing buildings. 
  • coUrbanize specifically works with people within the real estate company who are tasked with building projects.
  • coUrbanize did a brand strategy exercise to get some insights around how they can better position their company.
  • Courtney breaks down inbound versus outbound outreach and explains how content marketing helps them get customers.
  • coUrbanize does a mixture of digital marketing content and also live in-person marketing.
  • When coming on board at coUrbanize, Courtney was supplanting a marketing function that was relying mostly on junior talent and one of her major goals was to show immediate value to the board and senior management.
  • One of Courtney’s biggest challenges early on was hitting the company’s Q4 number and she breaks down how she approached that goal.
  • The organization’s 2020 goal is to become recognized experts by more people in the real estate industry.  
  • Courtney’s reading a weekly newsletter called a very good copywriter that publishes micro-content. 
  • She also follows companies and like-minded people on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Key Points

  • Courtney talks about the importance of brand and her focus early on “The reason why I wanted to do the brand work was because I think there’s always an opportunity to assess your brand. Big brands typically do it, you know, every 6 to 12 months. When you’re a smaller company, you don’t have the cash flow to have a brand agency do it.”
  • Sometimes small changes can have a large impact and Courtney talked about this concept as she states, “…our demo request page just needed some additional design quality. When you clicked to get a demo, it opened a new page. And even that experience felt a little bit disjointed. So a really easy thing…we spent about three hours redesigning our demo request page to increase the conversions because we were already getting a lot of people to land there.”



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