Episode 278: Understanding How to Market a Geofencing Platform with Mae Cichelli of Bluedot

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with  Mae Cichelli, Senior Marketing Manager at Bluedot. This interview focuses on Mae’s past work experience and how she transitioned between B2C and B2B in the retail and sports industries. Mae talks about how the company transitioned into ABM and what was involved when the team decided to get more focused with targeting.

Episode Highlights

  • Mae starts the conversation by sharing her past work experience with both B2C and B2B technology companies.
  • She talks about her experience in the sports industry where she sold software to sports teams.
  • After selling software to sports teams, Mae worked as a Marketing Director for the University of San Francisco and helped them with selling tickets online, implementing mobile ticketing, building an app, launching an app…and really just taking care of season tickets holders.
  • Mae talks about Bluedot’s ideal customers, which include tolling companies and enterprise companies who can take advantage of a customer’s location (mobile ordering with retail or restaurants, etc.).
  • Instead of getting cash out, Bluedot helps their customers “unlock the power of place” and use location data to enhance experiences for their customers.
  • She talks about how working with enterprise clients requires a lot of specific needs, which drove Bluedot into more of an ABM strategy. 
  • Mae talks about some of the challenges with website traffic that’s not targeted – this led to leads that weren’t really qualified and contributed to a lot of “noise” with their marketing.
  • After analyzing the leads and realizing that a lot of traffic was noise, the team decided to analyze the types of traffic that they wanted – and really honed in on their SEO strategy.
  • The company makes strong use of introductions made by investors and this process has really helped get their organization to the next level.
  • Bluedot is very thoughtful about content and strives to be just very deeply embedded in the industry. 
  • She loves launching different kinds of campaigns, with different types of content formats, to strike up engagement with prospects.
  • Bluedot strives to have a fair mix of new top of funnel content, which is educational.
  • She explains that once a prospect has downloaded their demo app, they send them an unexpectedly delightful message – this helps to delight a prospect right away.
  • Mae talks about some of the resources she finds helpful – one of them being the local Marketo events and webinars which helps in developing more complex campaigns.

Key Points

  • Bluedot is a geofencing software for apps and their tagline is “unlock the power of place”. She explains how geofencing works and how it can be used to trigger unique experiences for customers.
  • Bluedot’s key to success is that they have some incredible AEs who have built really strong relationships with their customers and have always been in touch with marketing along the way.
  • Mae talks about how COVID-19 has impacted the business, with events getting canceled at the last minute. She states that offering digital solutions (alternatives to in-person events) in 2020 will be a very important component to surviving throughout the year.



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