Episode 281: Marketing an IT Field Services Provider During Covid-19 with Jaimie Anzelone of Sitehands

Episode Summary

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown interview Jaimie Anzelone, the Director of Marketing Communications at Sitehands. This interview focuses on how she helped build the marketing infrastructure for a startup that spun out of another 25-year old company. Jaimie talks about the challenges posed by the pandemic and how the organization communicates with their technical community and customer community.

Episode Highlights

  • Jaimie starts the interview by providing some insight into her marketing career and she mentions how she got her first exposure by writing about FinTech. Jaimie started a blog called FunTech to explore a lot of the new companies offering payment functionality (i.e., Venmo).
  • Jaimie mentions how she sees different companies emerging every day, and that’s what attracted her to the IT services space.
  • Jaimie talks about the company’s ideal customer profile, which would be any large enterprise company that needs IT field services.
  • The company provides the technicians at the customer locations, to help, support, maintain, upgrade the different technologies that they have in their organization.
  • She talks about how the company is dealing with the current pandemic situation and coping with the new environment of remote working.
  • To pivot and support their clients, they are working from their client’s conference room and setting up remote working stations.
  • Sitehands has big fortune 500 companies, even some smaller, medium-sized businesses as their clients. A lot of initial clients, who were very large enterprises, stemmed from relationships that existed with the original IT company.
  • Sitehands is a provider community, and their technicians are going out in the field and implementing and delivering the work. 
  • She talks about the company’s efforts to make sure that their technician community feels secure and knows that there is still work for them…but it’s just a different environment.
  • She also discusses how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses and mentioned how many organizations are trying to figure out how to keep their business running while still complying with company standards, security, and regulations.
  • She talks about her concerns regarding remote working and its proper implementation, which is impossible without appropriate collaborative tools and the right setup.
  • In current times, communication is quite different, and the channels which are brought into use are changing, and communication has become more personalized.
  • Sitehands offers a great platform that allows their clients to see the work being done in real-time, which is often a big differentiator from other IT service providers.
  • The company had no brand presence on social media platforms until Jaimie came onboard.
  • In the past two years, the company has grown tremendously on the social channels, specifically Facebook and LinkedIn. These channels are the most important as they’ve implemented significant marketing campaigns across both of them.
  • If a person wants to acquire their services, they could get a technician right through their website and at their location within a few hours.
  • The company has over 30,000 technicians and are working with big companies in 107 countries across the world.
  • The company uses retargeting to stay in front of prospects and these campaigns run across their social channels.
  • Sitehands strives to deliver their services to their clients regardless of location.
  • She talks about their marketing strategies, which include blog writing, podcasts, and speaking events, which will not happen because of the Coronavirus.

Key Points

  • Sitehands provide essential service throughout the world and ensures that your technology is running and maintained. 
  • Sitehands was started with a clear goal to make a faster, higher quality, innovative approach to delivering IT field services to big companies. 
  • While sharing her work experience at Sitehands, she mentions that “Her first year at Sitehands was all about building that foundation of our brand and getting our name out there. And building up a certain level of trust and credibility.”
  • Sitehands has a whole provider team that continually looks at the different client sites and builds relationships with the provider communities throughout client’s websites to ensure that they’re always providing local technicians to their clients, regardless of where the location is.
  • Sitehands launched a university as a way to offer domain-specific and client-specific training to the technicians. Through Sitehands University, they learn new skills and prepare them for the work that’s being done on-site. It allows them to make sure that they’re all following the same standardized procedure when they’re delivering work.



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