Episode 287: Getting Companies Invested in the Digital Transformation with Tom Burg at Alpha

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As SVP of Marketing at Alpha, a rapid consumer research platform, Tom Burg has always pushed his clients to think digitally. Now, this is even more imperative — Tom’s team aims to find the best ways to reach and interact with people virtually.

On this episode of Tech Qualified with Justin Brown, Tom Burg talks about the ways he and his team are pushing the bounds of their marketing strategies, especially given the changing spaces of human interaction.

One way he has done this is by taking advantage of their podcast, which has been streaming for four years and has an established listenership. The podcast has been a great way to attract clients.

“If people are taking the time to listen to the podcast, generally they’re going to be a pretty good fit for our business.”

They are currently working on an experimental webinar program as well, which will focus on how to navigate the world today.

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“We’ll put a little more accent right now on client retention, client support and client education. Because we’re an online research platform, we’re finding a lot of our customers are now using our platform to do COVID-19 research and understand consumer sentiment, preference and behaviors.”
“You’re starting to see product management be more of a strategic leader within an organization. You’ll see the podcast that we have reflects that, and it’s been a very nice demand generator for us, from a numbers perspective. It might not be the one that drives the most leads, but I would say it drives the most qualified leads, cause if people are taking the time to listen to the podcast, generally they’re going to be a pretty good fit for our business.”
“If we have an opportunity to produce webinars, we’re going to do them for our clients first, navigating the landscape we’re in today. It’s just thinking about how to reframe how they work, whether it’s working from home, how they support customers or how they support thinking about prospects.”
“We’re fortunate to be in a business that I think is becoming more of a line item for companies. Four years ago we were the world’s first online on-demand user insights platform. Nobody had a line item for that. The way in which companies would do customer feedback or focus groups was very old school, and to basically imply that we could get them 3 or 400 respondents within three days time was kind of a sea change for them.”
“I think that the team as constructed is pretty well-balanced between short and long term. We have enough content and the ability to create enough content that if we need a particular item, we can turn that around really pretty quickly. So, we’re mobilized for speed.”

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