Episode 290: Guiding Customers Through Digital Transitions with Josh DeTar and Kevin Welsch at Tyfone

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Providing digital banking software requires a long-term commitment between the service provider and the financial institution. For Kevin Welsch, Brand and Marketing Manager at Tyfone, and Josh DeTar, VP of Sales and Marketing at Tyfone, that relationship is like a marriage.

In this episode of Tech Qualified with Justin Brown, the duo talk about how they work to establish and sustain those relationships and how their approach has had to change due to COVID-19.

Tyfone helps its customers make extensive digital change over a number of years. As a result, the company’s approach to sales and marketing is relationship intensive, enabling them to best help customers through the transition.

“It really takes a partnership between the provider and the financial institution to make that happen,” says Josh.

They used to rely on face-to-face interactions and trade shows for a lot of the relationship building. With the global spread of COVID-19, they’ve had to adjust their strategy to find similarly meaningful ways to connect with customers.

“We’ve had to quickly divert a lot of funds and our way of thinking into content generation through creating relevant informative packets or just fun things that we’re doing as a team and as a family to promote that relationship,” says Kevin.

One thing never changes, and that’s the quality of the relationship they’re seeking to build.

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“It really takes a partnership between the provider and the financial institution to make a transition happen. This is a really big, long process. And at the end of it, sometimes it’s met with resistance. Very early on, when Kevin got brought onto the team, he saw a need for our marketing team to actually support our customers, helping them through that transition.”
“Some people don’t like change, period. They’re used to walking into their house and turning left to go to their kitchen. And now they’re being told they have to turn right to go to their kitchen. So, they have to adjust and learn how to use the new platform. And sometimes that creates a barrier. So, we’ve got to help our customers really market to their members better, in advance: ‘Hey, this change is going to happen. It’s going to be scary, but it’s cool. We got you.’”
“What I really like to say to these credit unions is you need to start marketing immediately. There’s no point in waiting. It’s going to take someone about seven times of being exposed to a piece of marketing, whether it’s a post on their Facebook page, a letter in the mail, a poster in the branch, whatever it is, they’re going to need to see that seven times. And a lot of them still won’t be happy when that change comes. So you want to make it as easy as possible for them to adopt early.”
“We are also a hub and a connector for a lot of different other products and services and features that can be integrated into our solution to provide more value to the end users of the credit union. We work with a hundred plus different vendors that integrate into our solution as well. Helping them to truly understand where our value proposition is and what makes us unique also creates a really good source of high quality lead generation.”
“We’ve created a COVID-19 marketing strategy for credit unions. A lot of people don’t have a full-on marketing staff to get creative assets out quickly. We came up with a campaign that we could roll out to our current customers, and really anyone could go onto our website and download that and use it to their advantage.”
“One of the things that Kevin and I were just talking about this morning in our morning marketing huddle was looking at what are the commonalities that we’re seeing and things that marketing firms are doing right now that are so played out. We need to do something a little bit different.”

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