Episode 294: Why Revenue Has To Matter To Your Marketing Team with Trinity Nguyen of UserGems

Episode Summary

When Trinity Nguyen joined lead generation solution UserGems as its Director of Marketing she made a bold move: She got management to move revenue contribution tracking to the marketing team.

“Revenue is the only number that matters to us in marketing,” she says.

In this episode of Tech Qualified, Trinity discusses why marketing should have a front-row seat to the sales lifecycle. At UserGems, marketing takes an active role in listening to sales calls in the pipeline review, and both departments agree on leads before outreach.

They don’t partition the pipeline like MQL and SQL, she says, “We look at the pipeline together. We review our pipeline pretty intensely every single week. It’s all hands on deck.” She notes this collaboration is possible because UserGems is a small company, but they want to maintain that teamwork even as they grow.

She discusses why they’re more focused on LinkedIn than other social channels, and shares how she’s thinking about expanding content operations in the future (hint: They don’t want to create stuff that won’t actually be consumed).

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Key Insights

Episode Highlights

“When I pick out the accounts I want to go after; the sales team is already aware. They’ve already prepared the list of leads using UserGems to find those buyers, and we pre-populate it. The moment that the marketing advertising is turned on, within like four or five days sales will start outreach to those prospects who are now familiar with what we do.”
“LinkedIn has always been on my feed to understand how my target audience thinks. The surprising part is it’s very active, and I feel like it’s becoming more active. One of the sources for me to find inspiration, out-of-the-box thinking, find marketing resources, and also help me communicate with sales is LinkedIn.”
“[T]he biggest challenge for us is just even though the tool is very useful and the leads are extremely hot leads, people don’t wake up thinking about, Hmm, I need to track job changes to generate these hot warm leads that I know have buying intent … So a lot of the effort in terms of content that we’ve put in is more on how to build this awareness … it’s not in the lingo is not mentioned anywhere in the MarTech landscape. It’s not really written or researched anywhere else. So how do we get this idea top of mind for VP of Marketing and VP of Sales?”
“Because we’re a small company, we need to be very specific and careful where we put our resources in because once something works, we will scale-out. We’re very careful upfront about what content we want to experiment with. I’m sure you heard that 90% of content created is never consumed. We want to avoid that. How do we be more strategic about it to help us cut through the noise?”

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