Episode 301: Closing Deals at a Restaurant Technology Company During COVID-19 with Marybeth Sheppard of SEVENROOMS

Episode Summary

Marybeth Sheppard spent years working at a B2B marketing agency before joining Seamless, the online food-ordering service owned by Grubhub.
She spent more than five years there, marketing the product to hedge funds, law firms, tech companies — really, anyone who was ordering large amounts of food or catering company events.

Now, Marybeth serves as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEVENROOMS, a hospitality technology company.
On this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown interviews Marybeth, who is more than three years into her time at SEVENROOMS. She talks about the process of growing her marketing department to a team of eight, how her team works closely with the sales department and how she keeps her employees motivated.

Marybeth also addresses how COVID-19 has reshaped day-to-day life for SEVENROOMS, a company that focuses heavily on the restaurant industry. She shares the steps the SEVENROOMS marketing and sales departments have taken to continue to drive leads and close deals despite the shuttering of restaurants around the country.

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“I think sales reps can always use more education on, ‘What is marketing? How do we do marketing? What is the marketing that’s visible to the sales reps? What is the marketing that’s invisible?’ One of the things that’s important to me at SEVENROOMS and anywhere I’ve been is I always make sure my team presents new projects and initiatives that we’re launching to the sales reps.”
“I make everybody, when we’re going through our onboarding process on the marketing team, go in and go through the process in Salesforce. ‘What’s the lead? What do I have to change? Convert it to an opportunity, tag it to the campaign, add the right attribution.’ You count up the number of clicks we’re asking a sales rep to do, and you start to understand why maybe they forgot one time… I just think it’s about empathy for other people’s roles and knowing that you don’t know everything about someone else’s job.”
“If you don’t have those [clear metric goals] written down and you don’t start [your team meetings] by looking at some data behind you on your slides, then it’s hard to orient the conversation around, ‘Are we doing a good job?’ Anybody could put some ads out, but if nothing’s coming back in from the ads, then they’re not working.”
“Today, a big part of our marketing and sales process is working with the operators to help them think through all the different ways this is going to impact their operations. So there is a lot of that education, a lot of that thought leadership, a lot of bringing them along… where in the past, it was very much like, ‘What’s going on today in your restaurant?’”
“We really went in the direction of getting lead gen up and running, making sure our brand PR and that amplification system was working, and then we really dove deep on making sure product marketing was running…

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