Episode 302: Adding a Human Touch to Marketing with Melissa Greiner at WizeHive

Episode Summary

For Melissa Greiner, establishing a human connection is the key to developing — and keeping — a successful customer, no matter what stage of the buyer’s journey they’re at.

Before entering the B2B marketing world, Melissa studied journalism in college. It gave her valuable experience that would eventually land her as the Director of Marketing at WizeHive, which is a SaaS platform for nonprofit organizations. 

On this episode, Melissa discusses her strategies for developing successful content, including planning for every stage of the customer journey by leveraging and learning about what the customer is looking for, their pain points and exactly why they need WizeHive. 

“You have to make sure you have that broad breadth from the very beginning to the very end, so that [at] the end of the day, you’ve spent time making sure that every stage and every possible way people are coming into contact with your name and your brand and your product has been covered,” says Melissa. 

She also shares how WizeHive’s messaging reflects and takes into consideration the tough time that many nonprofit organizations are facing due to COVID-19 and the approaches she and her team are taking to ensure customer satisfaction.

“We are individuals at the end of the day, so if we can keep that in mind and really just be respectful of everyone’s situations right now, I think it will make all of us trying to move forward a little bit easier.”

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“Nonprofits are kind of in a weird position right now. … This outbreak has made their constituency probably much larger. … We’re letting them take the lead. If they’re in a position where they’re stepping back a little bit and they’re rethinking things, we’re going to be respectful of that. But if they are realizing that they need to do things faster, work a little bit harder, be a little bit more efficient, we’re also going to be there and support them in that.”
“We might have to have different versions of the same content that speaks to them [customers] in their own particular way. But at the end of the day, they are really people who are all looking at this from the same perspective — they want something that’s going to improve the way that their nonprofit is able to operate. Payoff for all of them is really the same. It’s just the positioning that we need to change.”
“I tend to approach my editorial calendars not from an SEO perspective but I utilize it as an advantage. I’m more interested in providing content that is actually interesting, engaging educational, something that’s really going to hit home with somebody and either give us that branding — it’ll pay off at the end because they know it came from us and it was something of value to them — or actually make somebody realize that this is an investment that they want to make and move forward into the pipeline.”
“I’d love to try and continue to look for new ways that people can digest information, especially if it’s a quicker takeaway. We all have even more on our plates these days and less time. So the more quickly we can provide something of value, I think the better, and everyone loves to digest content in different ways. Keeping that repository of content diverse so that everyone can find what really speaks to them, I think is important.”
“I think it’s so much easier for anybody at any point in the sales process to engage more with somebody that looks like them. It’s a peer, it’s somebody that they respect, it’s somebody that they understand what their day to day is like. If they can see that we’re working with people just like them and see how they’re benefiting from being affiliated with our company, I think it does well for the short-term sales. It might be something that … gets them over to saying, ‘Okay, I’m ready to talk, let’s start talking.’”

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