Episode 312: The Advantages of Being Your Own Target Audience with Molly Clark of inMotionNow

Episode Summary

Molly Clark has spent the last decade and a half working all across the marketing industry, beginning with a role as an interactive marketing coordinator at a pharmaceutical software company.

Through the years, her passion for marketing, advertising and logistics has grown — but Molly also discovered a second passion for marketing operations along the way. This led her to becoming Director of Marketing at her current company, inMotionNow, a B2B SaaS company that offers a workflow management solution.

On this episode of Tech Qualified with Justin Brown, Molly discusses the collaboration between her marketers and the sales team. Applying a multichannel approach to the sales funnel, the teams work hand-in-hand to convert leads into signed contracts. She describes them as having a “healthy tension” but at the end of the day, determining who gets credit for a specific lead doesn’t matter.

“We have shared goals amongst our two teams, so that we’re always trying to work in lockstep to accomplish the same overarching goal, because then both of our teams win,” says Molly.

Molly shares that inMotionNow’s customer base includes marketers, advertisers and creatives — the same people her team is made up of. This works to their advantage, as they understand how to relate to their target audience: through educational content marketing that explains how inMotionNow’s product can bridge the gaps in their work processes. Molly’s team also uses customer stories to share how their product is used as well as customers’ achievements.

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“Our product shows the value of what your creative and marketing team are doing. We are purpose built for marketing and creative teams and we’ve honed in on what those teams need and hopefully I have built something that’s pretty fantastic. We, on my team, we drink our own champagne, so we use it on a daily basis.”
“Through our five channels, we use an array of different calls to action that have a different weight to them. We call them internally ‘hot leads’ and those hot leads are the ones that have higher call to action. They’re saying, ‘I’m interested in your product, but I want to see your product.’ Those calls to action are scheduling a demo, pricing, getting our tool and sampling. Whereas the warm leads, they want some more content. They want those customer case stories and testimonial videos. They want some longer form content pieces to peruse at their own time. We want to partner with them and provide them with enough educational information to help them really move through that cycle a little bit more.”
“We partner closely with sales. We make sure they’re capturing all of the information that is in display ad designs and messaging. That way it’s aligned with what those conversations are with potential customers. We hold the hands back and forth as we work through the funnel, until they [the potential customer] ultimately decide that they want to select us and then they become customers.”
“Our CEO has described us not as a sales driven organization … but as a values-driven organization. We’re all working towards the same end goal, which, one, is revenue so that we can keep doing what we’re doing. But we’re providing value not only to our employees, but to our customers. I think with making that shift makes that overarching company goal seem like we all can achieve it.”
“We’re trying to build even more this year, more of an emphasis on telling customer stories. Using our audience base to promote what our customers are doing because our customers have really awesome stories outside of just what they’re doing within our software. That’s just one portion of what they do. And so we want to try to be that avenue for them.”
“I’ve seen marketing make that shift to become that central hub in the organization. We’re the department that really has connections and touch points to all of the different departments. Marketing is touching customer marketing, sales, and even helping on the product marketing side. So we’re that center hub in the ‘hub and spoke’ model. It’s been fun to see that shift with us.”

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