Episode 323: Owning the Conversation Around Data With Spencer Connell and AJ Yager of Praxis Metrics

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At business intelligence agency Praxis Metrics, AJ Yager and his team harness the power of data to help e-commerce companies grow. The agency evolved from an offering AJ launched within his marketing agency Yager Media Group.

Referrals have been huge for expanding Praxis’ business in the early days — and AJ found a lot of success by being a guest on podcasts hosted by people in his network. The agency grew around 400% in 2019, which he attributes largely to being a guest on five to seven podcasts that got him in front of the right audiences.

With the help of Praxis’ Marketing Director Spencer Connell, the agency has increased inbound leads through an expanded content library. Once a lead is in the funnel, they go through the nurture sequence with the goal of getting them on a sales call. “All we’re trying to do is get people from understanding what Praxis does, get them excited about what Praxis does, and then get them on a call. That’s our marketing ideology,” he explains. 

On this episode of Tech Qualified, host Justin Brown talks to the duo about their latest content strategies, which includes the launch of a new podcast and videocast series of their own as well as a potential book.

“Now what we’re doing is saying we want to own this conversation around data. We’re going to simplify the complicated subject of data,” AJ says.

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“What we provide is insights into what’s been working so far for them. And then also areas of waste that are blocking them from scaling their business even faster. So we help them pinpoint the areas of waste that they can eliminate, and then pinpoint the areas where they’re exceeding their goals and blowing up and then help them transition the areas of waste and then move all those resources over to the areas that are killing it so they can scale rapidly and grow their business exponentially.”
“It was about getting our content in front of the audience. I had some good friends who had awesome podcasts that just happen to have our target audience. And in 2019, that was what helped turn it for us was finding those key five to seven podcasts/referral partners on the back end of ours that were able to get us in front of the audience we needed, and we had explosive like 400% growth in 2019. And that was one of the primary strategies we used.”
“We pull people in through our lead magnets, our funnels or different things, and then we’ll get them on a nurture sequence. And the entire purpose of all of that is to get them to our sales team because our sales team is just excellent. They do about a 30% conversion rate if we can get them on a call. So basically, all we’re trying to do is get people understanding what Praxis does, get them excited about what Praxis does and then get them on a call. That’s our marketing ideology.”
“We don’t create videos just to create a transaction; we create videos to enrich someone’s life and give them something valuable. And yes, it may lead to the next call-to-action. But we always wanted to make sure: if people are going to watch something, they get value out of it. That’s our mindset around it.”
“We created nurture sequences with different types of content. It’s changed dramatically. It’s required us to get even better, every step of the way. We’ve realized, ‘Oh, we just fixed this, but now that creates two new problems that we have to fix.’ Not really problems, but two new opportunities for us. Once we have an email nurture sequence, then all of a sudden, there’s more opportunities to generate more content for the email nurture sequences, and it just compounds and it becomes almost a self-sustaining system of the content, which then creates more demand for new content. So, it becomes a cycle.”
“Data is simply information. Even though we’re not necessarily looking at graphs and charts and spreadsheets all the time, as an entrepreneur or a business owner part of that intuition is all that data you’ve accumulated over the past, and it’s just become ingrained in you. You are using data, you are using information to make those decisions even if you’re not looking at an exact graph and making the decision. So, I still think that the data-driven part plays into the intuition.”

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