Episode 331: Kicking Podcasting Into High Gear with Lindsay Tjepkema

Episode Summary

Lindsay has spent her career in marketing, usually on brand content and customers’ experience. She wanted to broaden her reach and explored using voice. However she found that the technology for marketing with the spoken word was hugely lacking.

While many pieces of the puzzle existed for podcasting, nothing existed to pull all the pieces together. Lindsay wanted to create a new way of using the podcast as part of a content marketing strategy.

The podcast as content marketing allowed her to make podcast content of other companies accessible for many other uses. “Use the transcript from [the podcast] to create supplemental written pieces like blog posts…and there’s myriad other formats….We allow marketers to…pull clips…to be used in the sales process on social media [and] your website.”

Now in addition to tracking how many times customers use the podcast itself, you can really see “the impact that [her company’s service is] making on the brand metrics that really matter for B2B customers.” This makes understanding how content performs much more accurate, so that Casted can say that “this is how your content is performing….This is how your show is performing….These are the lagging indicators. These are the leading indicators.”

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Lindsay Tjepkema

Key Insights

Episode Highlights

Because of her frustration at not having suitable technology that could be adapted from the solo entrepreneur to a larger company context, Lindsay and her team developed exactly what they wished they would’ve had already. The result: a comprehensive program that repurposes podcasting content across varied media platforms.

Now with Casted, podcasts can be dissected and used for other content marketing opportunities by harvesting from transcripts. Take the written word from the spoken and use it for blog posts and short audio clips.

Written material may be used all over the internet, and short clips can be attached to other marketing materials, such as social media. “But then we say, Why would you stop there? Why not use that content? Wring it out and use [it].”

Any time a business can develop ways to move quantities from immeasurable to measurable competitors are going to notice. “[N]ot everything that matters can be measured and not everything that’s measured that can be measured matters. [I’m] not the first one to say that.”

“[T]he more you can humanize your brand and help people to build a relationship” the better. While emotional responses cannot be quantified, Casted can measure how well the podcast content does.

After uploading the finished podcast, Casted goes to work. Using podcast content for blog posts or as the entire transcript is now possible, as is creating short audio clips that can be sent out everywhere, including text and social media. Track the metrics from the Casted dashboard.

“You have one conversation with an expert. Why in the world would you leave it at just sharing that full episode when you could wring it out and share pieces of it…so that people can engage with it in different ways.”

Without Casted, using podcast content for other means involved technological gymnastics. “So [content marketing pre-Casted is] either really challenging and very manual, or it’s not happening at all. And we’re hearing both from brands large and small.”

Podcasts start and fail because organizations don’t take them seriously.

Not only financially, but in other ways. Podcasts fail because leadership doesn’t buy in. Employees are handed podcast duties with few resources, no budget, and the podcast fizzles. “If you have a podcast over here by itself, on an island, and the person, or couple of people who’re doing it aren’t given the resources that they need, the time, money, energy, bandwidth, then it’s going to fail.”

“That’s how so many podcasts start, fall flat, and fizzle out, because whoever’s behind it gets burned out. They’re exhausted.”

“And so I say again, all brands are gonna have podcasts and then there’s going to be this push….It’s not enough to simply have a podcast or simply have a great podcast, but it’s really an entire content strategy built around that podcast.”

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