How to build a strong personal brand with Mark Jung

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Today, people use social media a lot, and the promotion of brands on social platforms has become an integral part of business.

But many companies have a misconception about what it means to make social media work for them and fail to realize the importance of strong personal brands that can contribute to the company’s growth.

In this episode of Rep Your Brand, host Nick Bennett welcomes Mark Jung, VP of Marketing at Sales Impact Academy. They get into the importance of social media in building a strong personal brand and discuss changes in the way brands incorporate social media into their businesses.

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Important Elements of Good Marketing for SaaS Brands

“A personal brand or social company brand is one of the strongest ways that you can drive the strategic narrative and category design and focus on why you are the new way or the different way. When you make that change, you start to see a very clear picture of how you can change the narrative in your conversations. And this could be in sales and marketing. […]

Number two is — be different, have a strong stance. But I like to reinforce it because my favorite analogy is what I call ‘the wedding chicken dish.’ You go to a wedding and get that medium chicken dish with potatoes and green beans. And it’s fine, but you were never going to go home and tell your family about that chicken dish you had at that wedding. That is the same thing as having a gray area or a medium or soft stance as a brand. So my recommendation is to take a strong stance, believe in something, have a challenging perspective, and use your social [media] to have conversations about that. If you’re just finding yourself in the middle, like that chicken, you’re never going to build something that’s gonna be memorable to help you differentiate.

Third, it is really about empowering the people in your team. So again, if you don’t have it, build a program internally. Elevate your people, create ways to support and incentivize content creation and personal brands collaboration, and use it as a sounding board.”

The Importance of the Leadership’s Mindset

“It’s people who have seen your content, visit your events, listen to your podcast, who type in your name and then convert. It doesn’t capture any of what’s happening, which leads to bad investments because they say, ‘Oh, our social [media] is not working; this isn’t driving results. I’m not seeing the leads.’ And then you get marketers who are incentivized to behave the wrong way. They’re making the wrong decisions. They’re then investing in lead gen and outsourced SDRs, and they’re not investing in content, podcasts, or social [media], and it’s probably the worst vicious loop that exists today. Leadership does not get marketing; attribution is not done properly; therefore, we must come back to doing sales activities. Marketing doesn’t do marketing, and you get the spinning wheel of death. 

And I don’t know how long it’ll take us to fix it, but it is probably the biggest problem that I see in brand and content marketing today. And I hope any leader who might be listening to this — if they changed their thought process and started thinking differently, one person, I consider that a win for today. So if you’re out there, give your team some love and make sure you understand the value of brand and content.”

How Can Employees Better Communicate Their Organization’s Brand?

“Think about what your mission is at that organization. What are your values as a company? What are you building towards? How do you show up? Company culture, the state of your talent and your team, and the big picture stuff that you’re aligned with — why you want to work for that company — are very easy things that a personal brand can talk about on social. That is probably, from a strategic lens, the area where you can focus.”