How to get the most out of your chatbot with Brendan Hufford

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A chatbot has become an indispensable marketing tool for SaaS and software companies. And it can benefit your business in many different ways, from engaging your customers to helping you gain a better understanding of their pain points and needs.

But still, most companies fail to employ chatbots effectively. As a result, their chatbots come off as too pushy, incomplete, or irritating. You can easily avoid these rookie mistakes and use chatbots to your advantage.

In this episode of the Content Logistics podcast, our host Camille Trent welcomes Brendan Hufford, the Founder of Growth Sprints, the former Growth Content Marketer at Active Campaign. Camille and Brendan get into the best chatbot openers, how to set them up to achieve your business goals and who can benefit the most from implementing chatbots.

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Set up attention-grabbing chatbots

“I want to catch people’s attention. Now you can set these chatbots up to not just immediately blast people as soon as they hit the website. They came there for a reason so let them read. Let’s let them read four lines of the content before we hit them up with a slider and a pop-up in a chatbot. […]

What I lead with is this line that I say, ”Do you want to hear a startling fact?” Everybody wants to hear a startling fact. And what you hit them with is a fact that leads them to, even if they’re unaware of the problem or if they’re problem aware, which typically most people, I mean, everybody is either unaware or problem aware. Hit them with that fact that’s industry-specific, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, there’s a problem to be solved.'”

You can use chatbots to hire and attract top talent

“The only thing in your company, and trust me on this, the only thing in your company, more valuable than a customer, is your next hire. And we, for some reason, don’t put effort into hiring and attracting top talent as we do into a customer.

The cost of a bad hire is catastrophic. But a bad customer, they just churn; it’s okay. Why don’t we start putting our chatbots on your hiring page, on your careers page? That’s a game-changer for a lot of companies, especially if you have one marketer or five marketers or one content person. Support your HR team, support the teams that are hiring by having an awesome chatbot on that page that makes people feel valued and seen.”

Do something unexpected with your chatbot

“There’s a lot of times that we take ourselves seriously and we think, we’re data-driven marketers and everything, but I think like sometimes you can get a lot out of just doing something interesting or unexpected. At Active Campaign, there’s a great question like, ‘Would you ever write a one-word email subject line?’ Well, that would be unexpected.”