How to Overcome the Most Common Hurdles in Thought Leadership with Laura Fravel

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Episode Summary

Thought leadership is about sharing unique perspectives and extensive experience with the world. And there are so many leading experts out there who are yet to spark conversations in their space. But unfortunately, things like lack of focus, unclear impact, and vulnerability are holding them back.

In this episode of the Notorious Thought Leadership podcast, our host Erin Balsa welcomes Laura Fravel, an executive branding and communications coach and thought leadership advisor. They talk about the most common hurdles in thought leadership, why courage is vital, and how to stick to your main storyline as a brand or a leader.

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Courage Sets Thought Leaders Apart From the Crowd

“Not everybody has the confidence to put themselves out there. I think it’s twofold. I think it’s those who really want to lean into their purpose and make an impact. There’s a motivation behind it. And that impact can be, ‘I want my company to do better. I want to scale my company.’ It can be, ‘I want to spark innovation in my water industry.’ It could be, ‘I want to change the world or bring social justice issues to light.’ It can be any one of those things. But when they have a purpose and really lean into that, I think it’s a driving motor factor, and then that helps build the courage to actually just start putting their ideas out.”

What Do You Stand for?

“What I take my clients through is whether it’s a team business or whether it’s the founder, executives within it are doing that deep dive of, even as a brand, ‘What do you stand for? What’s going to be your personality? What’s going to be your perspective?’ I think our world demands more of our brands. They have to be value-forward, purpose-driven.”

We Are More Than Our Job Titles

“I think it just goes to show the things we latch onto and that grab our attention aren’t our titles. It is really, how can I connect to this other person as a human? And then, you’ve opened up the door to really share your expertise as well.”