How to Understand the Inflection Points of Your Customers with John Short

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Episode Summary

Thought leadership is all about creating valuable content that establishes you as an industry expert. And the goal is to educate your audience through unique insights and ideas. But it requires a deep understanding of your customers’ inflection points and challenges.

In this episode of The Notorious Thought Leader podcast, our host Erin Balsa welcomes John Short, the CEO of Compound Growth Marketing. They discuss what thought leadership is about, different strategies for strong thought leadership, and the importance of understanding inflection points.

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Key Insights

Episode Highlights

Thought leadership is about making a difference in your industry

“I think there’s a negative connotation that comes with thought leadership because of incidents and exhibitions where people have forced it onto an industry or a product where it’s not necessary. At Workable, when I was there, we built out our content to focus on really actionable content, which was more how-to focused content, and then we also had a blog which allowed the CEO and some of the other executives in the company and some of the really strong writers to kind of talk about what they were seeing in the industry and where they felt like the industry should be going. So to me, thought leadership is around the industry that you’re in, the current state of things, and leading the way in the continued evolution of the progress of that industry.”

Thought leadership and SEO should come together

“I do think thought leadership and SEO should work together, but unfortunately, most often, we see two different camps. One content resource really focused on, ‘Hey, let’s capture traffic from SEO,’ and the other one focused on, ‘Hey, what’s our vision, our mission; what is the message we’re trying to get out to the market?’ And I’d like to see those two things come together.”

A company’s strategic vision can be the most valuable form of thought leadership

“I think when a company’s strategic vision and what they’re focused on from a product perspective, what they’re focused on in terms of their core values, bleeds into thought leadership — I think it is the most valuable form of thought leadership.”