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Episode Summary

When someone has a considerable number of followers, people usually think, ”Oh, it’s easy for them.” However, all those followers didn’t appear overnight. Also, anyone can build a large community; it only depends on how determined you are. So, if you want to learn how, tune in to this latest episode of the Rep Your Brand podcast because our guest is Jared Robin, a Community-Led Evangelist.

Jared lost his job right before the pandemic hit, but it wasn’t a surprise for him. So, once he realized “the end was near,” he started connecting with people and building networks outside of his job. He became more active on LinkedIn, and soon after, the journey called RevGenius began. RevGenius is a community of revenue-generating sales and marketing professionals brought together to learn, share, support, and grow with each other.

In today’s episode of Rep Your Brand, Jared and our host, Nick, discuss the importance of building a community and the reasons companies often underestimate its power. They also talk about different social platforms and why LinkedIn should be your number one option for building a personal brand.

As our guest states, a personal brand can help you attract high-quality job offers. But, he also says a personal brand is (only) important for certain roles.

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Key Insights

“I put others above my own personal branding interests. And that is my brand.”

Jared Robin



Episode Highlights

Your Brand Is Your Brand Whether You Have a Job or Not

”If your brand’s big enough, you don’t need a resume, and that’s important, but if you’re still at a company, how do you create a brand and not overstep the company? I think it’s important that your brand is your brand whether you have a job or not. As soon as that switch is switched and your brand doesn’t change job-to-job, it stays the same.

Build your brand and let your brand be you, not the company you work for, and not you at this point. I’m a community person that believes in the idea of community-led growth, and that’s who I am at my core and the next person to hire me or whatever is going to know what they’re getting.”

Start With Saying ”Hi”

”When people say community, they often think micro-community. But, as I think of the evolution of RevGenius, social media platforms, they’re not communities because they’re not set up to be that way, but they have the biggest collection of people in a single place. They have the highest valuations as a result of that.

I mean, not the highest, but you get my drift. They are all the way up there, and every single company invests in them for marketing, advertising, every single company with a budget. But yeah, you need to have an integrated approach with everything, period. Start by saying ‘Hi’ in this channel, in this channel, in this channel. ‘Hi’ didn’t work, but you got a little bit of a response? Okay, let’s say something else. Let’s send something else, et cetera.”

Why Is LinkedIn a Great Starting Point?

”One, you can understand the algorithms, figure out some of the stuff there. Two, you could find your audience. If your audience is on LinkedIn, that’s something super interesting, and you could find your ICP there and who they are and all of that and connect with them.

And then, when you’re connected, they can see your content, and you can’t do that as easily on Twitter. Although I do like aspects of Twitter, I think LinkedIn is a little more strategic, but I do think Twitter has some likes, too.”