Navigating the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Expertise with Ben Pines

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Episode Summary

Artificial intelligence is the future, and it’s transforming almost every sphere, including marketing and thought leadership. 

But despite what some people fear, AI can’t fully replace humans. In this episode of the Notorious Thought Leader podcast, our host Erin Balsa welcomes Ben Pines, the director of Content at AI21 Labs. They discuss thought leadership, the importance of a digital detox, and why AI can’t replace expert writers.

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How does the AI prediction model work?

“The way the current models work is basically with prediction models. So you have a sentence, and the model can predict the next word because you feed the model, all of the internet, all of the textual reservoirs, the internet, books, et cetera. It eats everything up, and then it makes billions — 170 billion and more, it’s growing all the time — parameters to have scales. What is the prediction of the next word? And according to this technology and these prediction methodologies, it’s able to produce these full articles that sound interesting to humans.”

AI can’t fully replace humans

“It can write you a post on how to make an omelet, but it didn’t make an omelet because it has no arms. And eventually, you’re talking about the reader. They want to follow the person that tried to make an omelet, broke a few eggs, and tasted it, and used everything that humanity brings to the table. And this is true for pretty much every topic. So it’s important for the person as well to know that it’s written by a human who tried it and is giving their own personal details. So I think there are a lot of perspectives on how you can understand why it’s not going to replace humans, and it’s only going to change.”