New School Content Marketing With Diego Pineda

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Episode Summary

Thought leaders are influencers in their niche, and their community recognizes these notable experts for their unique ideas and valuable insights.

But can anyone become a thought leader? 

In this episode of the Notorious Thought Leader, our host Erin Balsa welcomes Diego Pineda, the founder of Thought Leadership Marketing. They chat about thought leadership, becoming a reputable thought leader in your industry, and Diego’s Solo Thought Leadership framework.

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What is thought leadership?

“Thought leadership is an intersection between three things. So it’s expertise, innovation, and education. It all starts with a subject matter expert who develops a new way to solve a problem and then educates others about that problem and the new solution.”

The first step to becoming a thought leader is finding your niche

“I would say you find your niche, and you start engaging with them. You create a community, and I think your podcast and your newsletter are great ways to start creating a community. And you keep them top of mind, and you keep engaging with them. Then you create your framework. […] Most people don’t come up with original ideas. They just copy what others say, or they just comment on the news, or they just think they have opinions about things that are happening. But I would say try to create an original piece of thought with a different point of view, questioning stuff, or disruptive content at least once a month.”

Challenge your industry dogma 

“What are the dogmas in your industry? What are the things that people usually repeat? Like, ‘This is true.’ And then ask yourself, ‘What if it’s not true? What would it be like if this weren’t true?’”

Content has to adapt to the new generation

“I think we need to go beyond content and actually create value and move with the flow. If you think about what’s going on, you see — maybe not the Millennials, but at least generation Z, […] they are not using Google to search for stuff. They’re using TikTok. They’re using YouTube. They’re using voice search. They’re asking their friends. The content has to change for the new generation so we cannot keep doing the same things.”

Thought leadership is evangelizing the problem

“At the end of the day, you need to tie it back to your product because that’s why you’re doing it. You want to know people. This is the problem that you have. This is maybe a few ways that you’re trying to solve it, but this is how we help you solve it. This is the solution. So you’re trying to position your company, your product, and your service as the solution for the product that they have. So the thought leadership is evangelizing the problem.”